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[MOC] Simson S51

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it's my newest MOC, a Simson S51.

Simson is a German moped produced in years 1980-1991. It has a 1 cylinder 48ccm engine. 




-Lenght: 30cm

-Height: 20,5cm

-Width: 13,5cm


It's a typical technic model. It has a fake 1 cylinder engine and rear suspension. 

Of course you can put it on a foot.

This is a simple, light weekend MOC :)

I'm waiting for your comments :)






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Looks pretty good. :thumbup: I know the real thing is pretty squared off, but having the straight line of the top of the seat is a bit too much, IMO. I think at least a small angle is needed in there, probably on the end of the seat, like in the first photo.

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I like it a lot, immediately recognizable! Brings back old memories... not very good ones though :tongue:, but we had no other options in our childhood than Simsons, Romets...

Small correction, one word hit my eyes, just to be accurate - quoted from Wikipedia: "Strictly speaking, mopeds are driven by both an engine and by bicycle pedals, but in common usage and in many jurisdictions the term moped is used for similar vehicles including a scooter, though this is quite erroneous."

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