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Professor Thaum

[WTC ] No witness

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Far west from Nova Malto and east from Tortuga...

A cutter is sailing beat to the east



Iauln : Lee Shore !!!

It's Barney, right in the rendez vous point !!!



Turpin : I don't even understand why we sailed to get him back, Oliver.

You hired 3 saboteurs, and this perfect specimen is the only one, you press for recovering...

It boggles my mind.


Doctor Thaum : No stress Dick, the two others are backseat drivers, and this one is the only one which I met while hiring. And Barney is not a bad guy.

The WTC and the... spit... count Mesabi could run after the 2 others, who cares, but this one is mine !!

Turpin : You're the boss, Oliver. Time to take on board Callaghan !



Callaghan : OK, I'll go !



Spillet : We are close to Isla de Victoria, Doctor, we must hurry. And the wind is changing.

Doctor Thaum : You're a wise man Mr Spillet, we will sail as soon as possible, but I need this man !


Callaghan : Should I take one or two turtles back with Barney ?

Doctor Thaum: You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Hurry up !!!


Callaghan : Come on Barney !! We're getting you back to Tortuga !

Barney : Great !!! I'd just decided that if you won't come in 3 hours, I had to runaway on a turtle heading east !!


C&C welcome




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Very nice build thaum. The Cutter is exquisite. The sales are just fantastic on it. I'd love to see it in more builds. I must say though, it's a little hard to make out in the photos. 

The story is pretty good, but is raises more questions then answers for me. Who are the other two guys? Why is thaum hunting barney? What will happen to poor Barney?

Anyways good luck in the contest. I'll open up the voting thread at the end of september.

Just realized the ship was the Gargoyle from your other thread. :pir-laugh: Don't care, is still awesome.

Edited by Mesabi
I'm an idiot.

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I like the bubble-built water, and the island-like baseplate is interesting, the turtle heading east is excellent, is it a regular bus turtle?

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I had a first "very nice" moment when sawing the cutter. But the turtle was the "Wow" moment in this build :D

Very fun story as well!

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