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Weekly series, LEGO pirates adventures!

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Tell me how you like it. C&C is always welcomed.

Narrator: Sometime during the 18th century, in the Caribbean.  On a dock.

Seller: Are you the Quartermaster Mike Keys?

Mike: Yes, what do you want?

Seller: It is very, very important. (fake choughs) I have to talk to Captain Black . I, I have a real map, of a treasure.

Mike: Oh really?

Seller: Yes! It is hidden on a volcanic island, that’s why I’m afraid to go there.

Mike: I can understand that.

Seller: A, oh yes, ha ha, I’m afraid. But Captain Black and you are a couple of brave guys. I’ll sell the map to you for 500. Nah?

Mike: Hey, look over to our ship.

Seller: Why that? What’s up with it?

Mike: You’ll notice in a moment. Just look, and go a little closer to the harbour wall. Just so, that’s good.

Seller: Hmm…I can’t see anything.

Mike: Now it comes. (Mike kicks the map seller into the water and grabs the map.)

Seller: Argh!

Black: Hey, what is going on? Did someone fall into the water?

Mike: He probably stumbled or something.  But look I have a treasure map!

Black: What does it lead to?  A chest of gold?  I don't recognize any island on this map.

Mike: Maybe we should take it to a cartographer.

Black: let's do it.

Narrator: Later....

Cartographer: this map looks incredibly fake to me.  It doesn't have any color to it at tall.

Black: Well thank you. (walks out) I think he's lying

Mike: Yeah he looks shifty to Me.

Narrator: later, at the soldier's tavern

Cartographer: lieutenant?

Brickington: yes?  What do you want?

Cartographer: I have a map.

Brickington: Where and what does it lead to?  And how did you get it?

Cartographer: I redrew it from a map some pirates had.

Brickington: What pirates? Redbeard? Iron-hook? Foul?

Cartographer: Black.

Brickington: Oh him. (sigh) well, I guess it's a bit ahead of their time anyway.  Who were the other pirates?

Cartographer: Well there was only one, he was the Quartermaster.  His name was um Mike uh Mike Keys

Brickington: give me that. (Gives him the map) And here is some coins for your trouble.

Cartographer: Thank you Sir.

Narrator: Later, on the ship.

Black: Quartermaster! 

Mike: Aye aye!

Black: Do you remember who I told you sold us this ship? 

Mike: Yes, I think it was Captain Redbeard.  Why would you ask?

Black: I....

Lookout: Ships ahoy!

Black: Who is it?

Lookout: Looks like it's Brickington on the Sea Parrot and a small naval ship.

Black: Sound like it will be a fair fight.

Brickington: Sargent White, get me my speaking trumpet.

White: Here you go sir.

(speaks into speaking trumpet)

Brickington:(clears throat) I, Lt. Brickington command all of you pirates too give yourself up or face extreme punishment.  

Black: No.

Brickington: Then we will need to use abrasive actions, fire the signal!

Soldier: Yes sir.


Narrator: several ships come from a bay.

Black: :pir-oh: Hoist the sails! All hands on deck! Raise the anchor!

Narrator: What will happen to our "Heros" next?  find out in the next exiting post!

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Fantastic story.:thumbup: Can't wait for the next. Though maybe a little micro MOC photo to help the the story would be good. Just my thoughts.

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On ‎9‎/‎15‎/‎2017 at 7:52 PM, LEGORACER1 said:


Fantastic story.:thumbup: Can't wait for the next. Though maybe a little micro MOC photo to help the the story would be good. Just my thoughts.

Thank you! I'm also writing a WIP Classic Space story with Legomonorailfan, you can find it in my signature! I might do something like that someday! :pir-classic:


Sneak peak.

Mike: What should we do Captain?

(multiple cannons shoot)

Black: We will sink at least two small ships, I don't want to look like a coward!

Mike: Aye aye Cap'n!  Master Gunner, you and the gun crew try to sink those ships!

Master Gunner: Aye aye!ng

Mike: Sailing Master!  We sunk one!

Black: Ha! they are leaving in their boats!  We should sail away now!

Mike: Aye Cap'n!

Narrator: Several hours later, at the nearest port, Port Eldorado.

Black: here's some coins, get some more supplies.  And see a cartographer too.

Mike: Right Captain...... But how about we raid a ship or something....

Black: Hmm.. perhaps...

Narrator: Later, at a cartographer's house.

Mike: Hello? 

John: What? oh, yes...

Mike: Can you look at this map for me?

John: Why yes....Hmm, this looks to be part of Legoland.  Wait no, Brickinghamton.

Mike: What? The map seller said it was a island with a volcano...

John: I am 99% sure this is ether Legoland or Brickinghamton.

Mike: Strange.....

John: If you are heading over there, can I come?  I would like to visit.

Mike: Why not?


More to come.





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