Google image search Dutch Navy headquarters 1700s...

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...and get a picture of HMS Hood.  No, seriously.  That was the second result.

So apparently I really suck at this Google thing.  I'm exploring redoing the state house in my uber project that the church I posted a few months ago is a part of.  This building is across the street from that church, incidentally.

I'm trying to find examples of buildings that were used as naval headquarters and/or office buildings during this time period, but I'm having a hard time.  I've found the Scheepvaartmuseum, but as far as I can tell, that was more of a warehouse than a headquarters.  I'm wanting to continue a lowlands type building style, but can go Scandinavian if necessary.  Can anybody refer me to a building or buildings that were used for this purpose during the 1600-1800 period?

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