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I Scream Clone to LPub instructions help needed

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Hi all,


I'm attempting to turn a 2x3 baseplate creation from into instructions on lpub. The size of the model causes a few problems on the instructions page. I have had a look through the guides in the pinned help topics on resolution and page size. Once I shift the size of the page to A4 landscape, my model disappears, and I only have the parts list box.


So my questions are;

1. Is 2x3 too big to really be trying to show on a page of instructions?

2. Should I break the build down into sections to make it easier? Multiple instruction books?

3. Would it be easier to just present as a file with its 155 steps/3400 piece model?

4. Is there another program more suited to instructions for a model this big?


I can't shift to LDD as there are too many touchy collisions




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Just to make sure; do you use (the old) LPub or (the new) LPub3D.

Aside from that, could you send (in a PM if you don't want it public) the file so I could take a look at it? It's difficult to give some good advice when I'm not exactly sure what we're talking about :wink:

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