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FORD GT - Jaap sticker package ready

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12 hours ago, Lox Lego said:

Hello all! Due to popular demand, I've created an instruction on how you can create a non-RC model of the Ford GT! 
 Simply remove all electrical components from the parts list and build, and pick up all the parts in this link to replicate some of the motors.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/JfOGyauxUKaJBsWT2  
The pistons in the engine will still turn when pushed, and the steering wheel will turn when you turn the wheels. Two knobs are to replace the 2x M-motors that open the door so you can open them manually.

Decisions, decisions.   Which to build now?!   Thanks for making a non-PF version.

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@technic_addict There are 2 different sticker styles in the instruction. Both versions are on the sheet. 
For option A there are some black stickers + ford logo to finish the front bumper properly.
For option B there are the same black stickers with an orange line in the middle + a lot of orange stripes to cover the rest of the car with.

We will post a photo of the set soon!

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