[MOC] McQuarrie/SW-Rebels Style A-Wing

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First up, I want to give a shout out to Jerac, Krispy and Renegade Clone for their fantastic MOC designs... especially Renegade Clone, whose A-Wing design this is based on. 

My goal with adapting Renegade Clones design was to provide a base platform that all the colour variants could readily be produced using only bricks, whilst achieving the proportions and angles of the SW Rebels source material. In reviewing these renders, one change I'll likely make is to replace the 4 1x1 round tiles (98138) on the aft thruster assembly with transparent bright-orange to match the main engines. 

When looking at source material, there were some variations not only in the colours for the main ship, but in the style of the wing mounted weapons, so I decided to get a little creative with those.

Feedback and constructive criticisms welcomed.


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Yeah, I plan to. I've built Renegade Clones original in bricks, along with his B-Wing. I just need to get the pieces first. I'm currently studying, so my budget is pretty limited.

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Ideally, both the and the l.b.grey would be a few shades paler to fit with the original source colours. Unfortunately, other blues weren't quite right and, in my opinion, made for an odd looking finish. 

Next week I'll have some time to tinker with colours for Hera's A-Wing and a few others from Phoenix Squadron. 

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