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Professor Thaum

[Freebuilt 2/3] Here we go again (again )

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Great space void between the Milky Way and Andromeda

OCS Galapagos, underdeck n°44, secure area, solitary for traitors




Councillor GREED : So Mr FOURFREE, I'm tired to ask but were the hell is the professor !!

Hadvice : How the hell should I know ?


Councillor GREED : Liar !!! Liar !!! You're still lying !! You worked many years with the professor, you were his favourite aid.

You certainly know what he planned !! Need I remind you that the professor nearly destroyed the Axle with a home-made bomb before escaping and leaving you behind !!

Soon after this, the radiations of Andromeda's Core reach such an incredible level that we have to rush away. This costed Octan a really big bunch of creds

Mr FOURFREE !!! Unacceptable !!!

Hadvice :  YOU are a Liar councillor !!! I was present during the showdown !!! The guards blasted the door away, and rushed, shooting everything in the lab !

There was no bomb !!! But I saw one of them firing a hollow point rocket !! Right in the lab !!! That's a shame !! The professor was nearly a father for me !

And he's given the company the best years of his life !

I hope sincerly he has escaped safely !! I have nothing more to say !!

Councillor GREED : You'll change your mind Mr FOURFREE ! We are now en route back to Andromeda !! If you know something about the radiations, you would do better to talk now...

it could save your life !

Anyway ! We will meet again.

Hadvice : Can't wait... 



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Really can't wait to see what you do with your story thaum. The Prison build is pretty nice too. Don't forget to include me in your zany plans! I still want to collab with you when this kicks off. 

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