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Hey everybody, 

I thought it might be fun to have a general thread where we can chat about whatever general Lego pirate related things we might be up to, ideas, fun, or whatever.

I'll go a head and start

Over the course of the last few months I have had a change of heart. I used to be under the idea "I want to leave my sets together, as sets, and find unique ways of connecting them. While, I DO tend to do a lot of that with my more land based pirate sets (especially the big 3; RIR, ITP, EF). I have had a change of heart when it comes to the ships. While I DO love each and every Lego pirate ship released (and own most of them), I gotta say... most of them can be improved upon. That's what Lego is for, right??? Anyways, I have at least 3 major MOCS under way that I'm pretty excited about. Many of the builders on THIS very board have inspired me. 

First off, I have 2 Silent Mary's just sitting around unbuilt. I bought them, with the plan of building a pre ghost Silent Mary. I also have a 3rd that I AM leaving built as is. (I gotta have 1 SM for my layout 😃)Well... After thinking about it, I decided against the "good" Silent Mary, because it doesn't really "fit" with my layout. I'm OCD, lol things have to make sense in my head. So essentially, I'm planning a GREEN COAT MOC that I'm going to use these sets as a base. I really like what @Captain Braunsfeld did in the MOC thread. I'm not the worlds best MOCCER, so I need seeing what you all can do to, for inspiration. 

2nd... The Flying Dutchman!!! I've been holding out hope for an official Lego one someday, but I'm running out of patience, lol. As I said earlier, I'm not the worlds best MOCCER. I don't have the talent to do s FD like Sebeus did. So I bought the instructions for THIS Flying Dutchman MOC, and I'm pretty pumped about it. Can't wait to start buying bricks. Dutchman page .html

3rd. The Black Pearl. We already have a topic discussing THE very BP I plan on turning my Lego one into right here 

4th. The Queen Anne's Revenge. I would LOVE to see some good MOC'S on this one, but from my eyes, it appears to be HARDER to MOC. Yes, some DO exist, but they seem a lot fewer in quantity and quality then the other ships. Besides, this one is STILL pretty far away right now for me. I'd LOVE to talk about potential ideas on it though. Based off the official set, because that's my starting point. 

After all of that, The Brick Bounty, Brick Beards Bounty, and eventually the original Imperial Flagship and Caribbean Clipper.

Lots of ideas!!! What are yours?


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I've almost collected all of the ships from the Classic Pirates line, and several of the Play sets, but they're all in pieces right now. I've got the instructions in a safe place, and a small legion of pirates, and soldiers and Islanders.


Presently, my intact Pirate sets include a heavily modified a 2009 Pirates Hideout, Brickbeard's Bounty (2009) 2 modified Spongebob Flying Dutchman ships, "The Adventure Galleon" Two 2009 Soldiers' Fort sets, one was modified and converted to compatible modules for the other, an Imperial Flag Ship...


I got some stuff, yeah.

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On 9/6/2017 at 6:40 AM, Captain Pirate Man said:

Sounds great. I have a pretty large pirate collection, lol. To many to name. 

Any plans to build them again?

Oh, goodness gracious...Maybe; One of my favorite from the classic line was 6279 Skull Island. That would be among the first to be rebuilt from scratch.

 If I were to go all out and try to ressurrect my Pirates collection, I'd have to order new pieces from scratch; Maybe deviate from the original instructions... The Masts alone went through 3 major revisions, in regards to design.

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Someone was over at my house one time and saw the Sabre Island set and they where like "Nice pirate base!" :facepalm:.

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