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[TC12] The "Big Racoon"

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Hi everybody.


This is my entry for the Wacky wheels contest. The "Big Racoon".

A few months ago I was thinking about rebuilding my old truck build in 1987. I build it with almost all the Lego parts I had at that time.

I dismantled the truck 1997 and made some pictures. There were no digital cameras at that time so the pictures I took where very bad, I realised that when the negatives where printed.


Picture taken in 1997

When I was rebuilding the truck, Jim came with the Wacky Wheels contest.

I am not familiar with the game but took a look at some youtube movies about the game and came up with the idea to use  Fabuland figure “Ricky Racoon” (the only Fabuland box I own).


Ricky Racoon

or on Brickset


Have a look at the pictures and movie.

My temporary building place.



The "Big Racoon"



Wacky functions:

- Road Blocker / Road Sweeper (fully manual function)

- Cannonball (Part manual, lifting and loading,  and partly driven by motor, the shooting)


The truck is equipped with:

  • 1 servo for steering

  • 1 L-motor for driving (at this moment only 1 axel is driven with a possibility to add a L-motor to another axel.

  • 1 m-motor to drive the cannonball

Build with mostly 40 year old Lego technic and regular bricks.

The Wacky functions are built with new Lego technic parts.


The movie:


See all pictures at flickr.




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Nice build, it is fun to see what all the people come up with. I will follow this one..:thumbup:

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4 minutes ago, BrickbyBrickTechnic said:

This looks good so far, but it is done? Or do you plan on improving based on feedback?

Yes, it's done. Maybe some small updates....

The wacky functions doesn't look strong but it's about the idea :blush:.

I builded it in the last week of my vacation, 2 weeks ago. Took pictures and made the video .

I probably don't have time before the end of this contest.

I enjoyed building it. Specially because it's built with old Lego, with a little help of the current technic PF Lego.

Will see what the members think of it.

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Ricky Racoon!!!  I have fond memories of this guy from childhood, when my sister had a few Fabuland sets and was constantly running him over with my latest variant of 8860 :devil:

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Why do I think this one has to small tires? It reminds me on some concept off road vehicles from 1980s with bigger wheels :wink:

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