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Got these pictures from the Lego .com's 20th anniversary site last year., which sadly does not exist any more. I managed to get the Wild Western, Time Cruisers, Explorians, Pirates, Technic, Castle, 9v Train, Aqua Zone, and Free Style ones. Took me a while due to having to play a game to get all 9 one at a time, with several repeats! Links to the bigger pictures at my Flickr are in the links below.


Red Alert! It's a Aquasharks' Spy Shark (6135)!


Incoming Dark Forest Bandit Ambush (number 6024)!


I honestly don't know what it is, but it seems like something from the Freestyle theme.


Watch out for Volcano Island! (Pirates 6248)


Explorien Starship (set number 6982) sets off toward the vast unknown!


This model depicted here is Technic set 8628, 3-in-1 car.


Time Cruisers, featuring Dr. Cyber and Timmy in the Hypno Cruiser / Navigator (6942 / 1853)!


Classic 9v trains and town sets, too many to count!


Sheriff's Lockup at Gold City Junction at high noon or else! (sets 6755 and 6765)

These pictures are all from 1996, the year Lego .com opened for business, and are not mine at all... I just thought you guys might like it!

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