Hello from Nottinghamshire, UK

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Hi all

My name is Nate Dias,  from Nottinghamshire, UK.  I came out of my dark ages around ten years ago, whilst at university.  Since then I have been collecting and MOCing whenever I can.  After visiting a few shows I was persuaded to join a LUG (Brickshire) and that really started my AFOL life.  Since then I have exhibited my MOCs at lots of different shows around the UK, and I am now a LAN Ambassador for Northern Brickworks RLUG.

More recently I have been a contestant on a TV show here in the UK called 'LEGO MASTERS', I don't know how many of you will have heard of it though?

I enjoy collecting Creator, City, and Marvel Superheroes sets, as well as making my own MOCs too.

I'm really excited to get to know you all and to become a part of this fantastic community.



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Welcome aboard, Nate.  I think there is a topic on that show somewhere in the General forum.  :classic:


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Hi Nate!

Welcome to Eurobricks!

Yes, I've heard of LEGO MASTERS :laugh: 

Looking forward to seeing some of your MOCs and maybe hanging out in the town forum. :classic:

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