[MOC] Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia

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Hello All,

Here i would like to share my latest moc, Kek Lok Si temple, a temple which located at Penang, Malaysia.

I choose to build Kek Lok Si temple because I was impressed with the complex and yet fine architectural built when I first visited to this place when I was still young and the feeling is still fresh in my mind. Hence, this LEGO replica is a tribute to this great temple which had gone through all the important events with Malaysia throughout this 60years. 

Hope you all will like it and any feedback are most welcome. Cheersss :)

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17 hours ago, aiori said:


I've been there and I recognized it instanty.

Very nice!

Thanks for your comment! Yes, this temple itself is very signature. :)

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My gosh this is so delightful! The colours and detail and scale combined serve to make this MOC super eyecatching! great job! And lovely choice of topic. Asian Temples are so aesthetically pleasing. :grin: 

~Insectoid Aristocrat 

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