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Call of Duty WWII the movie

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Hey everybody, I know a new Call of Duty game is coming out soon, I'm excited!

I'm definitely going to buy it once it comes out, seems like a horror movie. 

I think it would be cool if they make a Call of Duty movie, wouldn't you guys agree? 

Are there any games that you guys would like for it to be released as a movie?


Cool trailer


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I've been playing COD & BF since the early 2000's, and been playing it ever since, you can call me a 'veteran'. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna play this time, even though I'm glad it's back to 'boots on the ground' and not a future setting.

Some of my reasons:
- It's another console port; this will mean it's not optimised to be used on the pc (again), and will bring all the bugs & (ghay)aim-assist over from the console version (again).
FPS games aren't suppossed to be played on consoles in the first place, make pc-gaming exclusive again!
- They took too much liberty with history; female soldiers, not a problem, several countries had women supporting the war effort, think of the French Resistance Fighters/Russian Snipers. Colored soldiers, also not a problem, several countries had many colored men among their ranks. But when playing as a soldier of the 3rd Reich, I can choose to be a black female soldier... Come on now, even a colored person (and I'm not a rascist) would say that just isn't correct, it would never happen.
- The time setting; WWII been done too much in the past already. Why not try something refreshing & new? For instance the Korean War.

But anyway, OP; COD is getting their own cinematic universe. Some more info> *click*.

I'd like to see a Battlefield movie produced by DICE itself, I know that the movies 'Act of Valor' & 'Rush' both where inspired by Battlefield 4.

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