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[COR-FB] Admiralty office, Arlinsport

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Since the beginning of the colonial era, Arlinsport has been the seat of command for the Royal Navy operations in Terra Nova.


Located in an elegant palazzo near the port, this is where the famous Corlander convoys and pirate purges have been planned. About a year ago, rear-admiral Samuel Fletcher was appointed commander of the Terra Novan operations, and has since then been in charge of all Royal Army and Royal Navy resources in the colonies. With the great success of Corlander explorers and diplomats, his responsibilities have increased with the increasing territory, and it is starting to take its toll on the rear-admiral. Thus, he has been granted leave to appoint a Royal Army counterpart to take over command of the land forces, and news have just reached him that such a man has been found. Now only the paperwork needed to be finished.


That wasn't the only paperwork to get done, though. Her Royal Majesty had just issued a decree establishing a new noble order: "The Order of the Compass Rose", including stipulations that two prominent Corlander's were to be knighted for services rendered to the Crown. Certainly, such an honour would be welcomed by any Corlander, and drive others further in pursuit of similar greatness. Fletcher gave a rare, inward smile - These would be pleasant news to present.


Just a little build (small culture) for Arlinsport to introduce rear-admiral Samual Fletcher, my leadership character, who has ever only been seen as a signature so far. Also, stay tuned on the Corrington faction thread to see who is to be knighted!


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Nice little build, Bregir. I didn't know they made those pillars in gold. Might have to bricklink some.


Oh, and is Count above the rank of knight? Asking for a friend. :pir-grin:


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Nice office Bregir and it is good to see Admiral Fletcher in the brick so to speak!


12 hours ago, Mesabi said:

Oh, and is Count above the rank of knight? Asking for a friend

Sure is, quite far above! :pir_laugh2:

Although I don't think Corrish nobility has ever been defined anywhere, but generally as I understand it the ranks of the nobility would go (bottom to top):




If we were following the English system - rather than the European system - you should actually be styled Earl Mesabi. Of course none of this was actually defined when your title was bestowed upon you and it would seem you skipped the rank of Baron!!!

The title of Knight isn't so much a position, rather just denotes someone promoted to the nobility. It means Silentwolf and myself could now style our characters Sir Micah and Sir Dirk. Count/Earl Mesabi's promotion was unusual in that it wasn't accompanied by a Knighthood. A Count however would have be granted extensive lands, and if we were still operating under the feudal system (which we are not) would have probably had several Barons and their lands sworn to him.

In short, don't worry, somehow (and the Gods only know why) Count Mesabi is still the highest ranking member of the Corlander nobility that we are aware of in the New World! Of course in our enlightened times he still is not above government appointed positions... so behave!!!

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Thanks, both. And I am sure if you ask Captain Dee, he will tell you that many things come in gold! :pir-grin:

16 hours ago, Mesabi said:

Oh, and is Count above the rank of knight? Asking for a friend. :pir-grin:


I think we are sort of dealing with two different ranking systems here, so they are not directly comparable. Mesabi is a count, which is a "landed" title, in that it includes title to some land. (As described by @Ayrlego) Mesabi can definitely expect to be titulated "sir" too.

The Order of the Compass Rose is more akin to a military order, where you get a rank. Technically, (although perhaps unlikely? :pir-tongue: ), Count Mesabi too could become Knight of the Order, without changing his title of Count. It would simply be an additional title. Neither Sir Micah, nor Sir Allcock is gifted any land with their titles.

So to say that one is above or below the other is probably a moot point. Point is, you will have to get along in the Noble Parliament, and I wouldn't try pulling rank over the "mere knights". :pir-wink:

Also note that your appointment as count was the result of Pennington's ( @Scarst) advice/manipulation/suggestion to the Queen, and as such political, while the Order of the Compass Rose is an order established for the queen to honour extraordinary efforts for the Crown. So what is most prestigious really depends on your perspective! :pir-wink:

Makes sense?

And yes, nobility is largely honours in modern Corrington. Nobles aren't immune to prosecution, or otherwise hold rights not available to the general populace. And government officials are definitely above any nobleman! :pir-tongue:

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