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[K-X00] New Orders

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Location: Earth

Tags: Assignment

The Elevator in the Yamato building took Captain Mesabi to the 601st floor in just a few minutes. Another miracle of Modern Technology Captain Mesabi thought. He walked to the entrance of the briefing room.

35913674334_9a2dea64ac_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

A Kawashita Stormninja stood in front of the entrance of the briefing room. His ranking was far above Mesabi. His eyes were hidden behind sunglasses, and his face covered by a ceremonial bulletproof ninja covering. He grunted at Captain Mesabi

"Business?" Asked the Stormninja

"Captain Mesabi. Secret Mission." Replied Captain Mesabi

36608659231_09f6903fc0_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"Head inside." The Stormninja moved aside

36747967645_c22d7b934a_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

Captain Mesabi walked into the briefing room where Mister Baxter and Mister Fischer stood in front of a holographic console. 

36578165952_c1e485146e_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"Captain Mesabi. You're record precedes you." Said Mister Baxter

"When other Kawashita team members in Andromeda went MIA, you kept up the fight." Said Mister Fischer

"Thank you." Said Captain Mesabi

36700942876_8d048003fc_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"So let's go over your mission, Captain." Said Mister Baxter

Mister Fischer pressed a button on the console. A blurry hologram of a space station appeared.

36351699660_da486d6528_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"This is the only image of a station located somewhere in Andromeda. It was created by the Omega Group, a mysterious group that has operated in the shadows since the first forays into Andromeda." Said Mister Fischer

"We think they're developing a weapon. But that's just speculative." Said Mister Baxter

"So you want me to?" Asked Captain Mesabi

36700941886_506d82fd93_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"Find it. It must have sustained damage in the radiation flares, so personal on the station may have been evacuated. But again, this is all speculative." Said Mister Baxter

36351699980_eb56c0ac3b_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr

"And once I've found it?" Asked Captain Mesabi

"Report back to Headquarters. A ship will be provided, once the portal to Andromeda is reopened." Said Mister Fischer

"Ready your crew. Prepare them well." Said Mister Baxter

"Thank you sirs, I'll leave immediately." Said Captain Mesabi

"And one more thing. Octan will be looking for this as well. Stay vigilant." Said Mister Fischer

Captain Mesabi left, his mind only on the new mission.

35938687853_cc7dc11136_z.jpgNew Orders by North White, on Flickr



Thanks for viewing my first entry into AG2! I can't wait for the rules to come out and for the game to wind up again. In the meantime I'll be over at BoBS. C&C appreciated, yes I know the picture quality isn't great, I'm just trying to get this out before I leave for college. No fear though, Captain Mesabi's adventures will continue from my dorm. Oh, and fun fact, the doors actually work in this build. I just felt like telling y'all that. 


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