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WIP - 12V Style Control Buttons and Power Brick

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We have been making good progress with the development of the 12V style control buttons to automate LEGO train layouts.  We redesigned the buttons using the great suggestions of @CaL: we lowered the back part, moved the LEDs and added additional studs so you can customize the back with tiles to indicate what the buttons do.

The first button control is powered by a power brick; the buttons are interconnected and can power each other so you only need one power brick.  The power brick connects to a wall socket with a standard 9V power supply.  Besides powering the automation button controls it also has 2 PF power outlets that can power PF motors and IR receivers.  So you can power a ferris wheel or carousel from a wall outlet instead of using battery power....

Let us know what you think!

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Wow, it look great :classic:

I like the option to interconnect every switches like 12V buttons.

Maybe it will better to put the 9V power supply on the right of the power brick, so you can put buttons closer the tracks.
Or you can use a 90deg power connector

As far as I have 12V and 9V on the same layout, I will be happy to have a "4Dbrix Module" that listen a 12V button (+-12V) to  command a 9V Switch.
So with the same 12V switch you can command 12V switch and 9V 4Dbrix switch.

PS: sorry for my bad English...

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