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With Sonic Mania released. I figured it was time I showed off this Eggmobile moc I've been working on in LDD

I've made it minifig scale with an LDD Eggman Minifig based on existing parts

I've also designed it to be somewhat modular with quite a few swappable parts.

But for now here are pictures

Standard Eggmobile with clear stands and base for possible IRL display

Modulars The classic ball n chain. Elevated platform needed for possible IRL display The infamous Master Emerald Claw If you were wondering what the clips were on the sides. Two reasons. No other piece filled in the space better and you can attack robot arm attachments. You can also remove the front and side tiles to attach larger arms and a bigger gun Or a massive hammer and engines. The bottom comes off easily and you can attach this wheel base for driving. Also a drill for spearing pesky hedgehogs Or you can attach the classic adventure walker. Complete with missile launcher and machine guns Lastly a submarine mode for underwater Here are all the modules I've made.

If you want to see other modules added from other Sonic games let me know.


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Thats is really cut, i build some Robtonik (i play the sega Genesis/megadrive Games, S3&K still my Favorite game, and i will call him always Robotnik :P ) to in Brickheadz form, the Ship its more/less the same size, you can try to do more circle and less square using my ideas :) 

36359038361_7fcfd509d9_b.jpgBrickHeadz - The Eggman Chase by Sérgio Batista, no Flickr

Id love to see this one in bricks:

Resultado de imagem para robotnik doomsday boss



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Thanks I like yours as well. Though I like the way I've designed my Eggmobile. As while yours is more rounded. Its less modular in terms of being able to swap out parts.

And as for the Doomsday Zone mech. I could try to build it around my Eggmobile. But I would take a while to get right.

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