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[MOC] Taiping Lake Garden

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Hi folks, today we are glad to present to you another great MOC of a lake garden in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia by Mr. Ng WY from LUG of Malaysia (LOM).

The Taiping Lake Gardens was originally a mining ground before it was established as a public garden in 1880. This 64 hectars site is an abandoned tin mine made for recreational use. There are about 10 man-made lake and ponds throughout the gardens and its a very nice and peaceful place to visit if you have the chance to visit Malaysia.

Let's have a look at this Lake in LEGO.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 10 43 pm

The lake garden is easily accessible by the North South Highway, and look at these crowd of tourists here! I suppose its weekend here. The leaves and branches gave the peaceful feeling of this garden. But believe me, this MOC is so much more than this. 

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 10 57 pm

A nice gazebo! I love the green and red color scheme of this small hut. All the bamboos here are the special attraction of the garden and you can peep through them to see a groom is posing for wedding photographs as they do that in the real garden. 

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 11 15 pm

Tadaa! This is the whole picture of this magnificient MOC! The lake is built with trans clear tiles rather than trans blue tiles. I like it that Mr. Ng WY brilliantly use blue and grey under the trans clear pieces to show the depth of the lake! 

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 11 50 pm

At the other side of the lake, there is a canoe activity going on. The gazebo is actually a bridge and the walkway is decorated with all the leaves and plants and bamboos along the way.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 13 52 pm

Look! There is a wedding photoshoot going on! Every now and then couples are here with their hired photographers to take pre wedding photos for the beautiful scenery  in the lake garden.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 14 03 pm

A beautiful walkway.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 14 41 pm

Let's keep this place clean.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 14 48 pm

Nice clear water here.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 14 59 pm

I think I've seen the swan some where.. hmm. Its a great addition in this MOC! There is actually swans for ride in the Taiping Lake Garden.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 15 15 pm

This swan is moving by the pedaling motion of the riders.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 15 07 pm

Our independence day is coming on the 31st of August. So Malaysia flag is waving on the boat.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 15 25 pm

The trees have very nice and big trunks.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 16 00 pm

Taiping is a very peaceful place for those pensioners to live in and you can see old folks sitting at the benches, talking about the good old days.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 16 10 pm


Photo 18-08-2017, 1 16 20 pm

The artist is struggling for her new masterpiece. Maybe she can rest and have an ice cream first. 

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 16 33 pm

There are monkeys too! They are feeding them bananas.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 12 29 pm

This is the top view of the MOC and its very eye catching.

Photo 18-08-2017, 1 12 10 pm

Side view.

I hope you enjoyed the MOC. Thoughts and comments are welcome. Thanks!

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This is really quite something! So many wonderful details. This is really a MOC to fall in love with! It has such a happy and laid back feel to it. :classic:

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This is beautiful--I love Asian MOCs, and this one is perfect. In addition, the photography really makes me feel like I'm in the scene, not just looking at a model. I've saved this so I can continue to look at all the details in the coming days. Well done! 

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