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This is my first "published" c-model. It took me the last 2-3 weeks in total to build it. It was one of the reasons, why i paused on my speed-racer :)


When my daughter (5) baught this model (42065 Tracked Racer), she wanted a lego rc car wich she could play with. But since the steering with the 2 tracks is pretty complicated and too hard for her, i decided to build a model with a regular steering from the set.

I was thinking about building a halftracked vehicle at first, but then i decided to build a snowmobile.


It was a really hard way, because of really limited amount of parts in this set (369) and the fact, that there is not a single gear included in the set .

All in all i think i totally rebuildet the model 3-4 times until the current result. I still dont like it 100%, but its ok to play with for my daughter, and i need time for my own project again :)


What funtions does it have?:

- PF drive + steering

- pendular front suspension

- working handlebar (can be used as HOG)

- virtual "differential" aka linear clutch at the rear axle for better steering. Motor drives left side front of the tracks, right side is connected with the clutch at the rear axle.

- seat acts as PF-on-switch. A driver sitting down on it will move the battery-box to "on"-position :) -> you can see it in the video







Here you can see the linear clutch in the middle of the "rear axle"






size comparision


leftover parts



Technically the chassis idea is based on something like this.

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9 hours ago, JDL1967 said:

Nice little build. I like it..


9 hours ago, BrickbyBrickTechnic said:

Wow. For something meant for tracked skid-steering, this is nothing short of a feat of engineering. Nice job:thumbup:

Thank you :) I had a few times headace while building :D


I added an image of what inspired me for the chassis.

Most of the snowmobiles have just 1 driven rear-track, wich had been impossible to build with the parts including in this set...basicly because there are no gears...wich makes it required to place the motor directly on one side of the drving wheel. But while searching trough the web, i found this picture and thought: "Yes, this is what i was looking for" :D

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