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Picture frame as minifigure display

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Hi Everyone,

I haven't seen any posts about displaying minifigures in picture frames recently, so I thought I share with you my version.

I made these 5 display frames for my Lord of the Rings/Hobbit minifigure collection. It doesn't contain all the minifigs from the themes, I deninitely wanted to create a nice display instead.

The 5 frames are: Elves, Orcs (including 1 goblin soldier), Wizards (=Istari, incl. 2 blue wizards from other themes), Dwarfs (+Bilbo) and the fellowship of the ring (incl. Gandalf the White, King Theoden, Elrond and Gollum). I can place some bigger minifigs (for ex. Goblin King) on the top of the frames.

I've used IKEA Ribba frames (23x23 cm). I've edited special backrounds for the individual displays. The minifigs are standing on 2x4 bricks, which are glued to the background. These bricks allowed me to apply stickers to sign the minifigs and to add extra parts (for ex. the arkenstone for Thorin).

Unfortunatey, I couldn't use the glass of the original frame, because there wasn't enough space due to the equipments of the minifigs. Thus, I can't prevent them from dust...

Creation process:

IMG-20161210-00179 másolatIMG-20161210-00180 másolat

As you can see, the bricks aren't glued on the photo, they are connected directly to the board.

The final result:

IMG_5785 másolatIMG_5787 másolatIMG_5788 másolatIMG_5791 másolatIMG_5790 másolatIMG_5789 másolat

Thanks for stopped by!

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5 hours ago, TechnicRCRacer said:

Those look very nice! I don't have enough minifigs for a display like that, mostly classic space:laugh:

I could imagine a nice display them too. :wink: You can display only a few minifigs as well. Like this: :laugh:


I was collecting these minifigures from the beginning to display them this way.

3 hours ago, m_dejong_lr said:

That looks really cool! I can also see this working very nicely for other themes, eg Star Wars or CMF :D

I've seen many similar good solutions on the web that inspired me to create my own.

I like Star Wars too, but there are so many minifigs, that would be too expensive and frustrating to collect.  Anyway, If I had a SW collection, I would definitely build a custom display stand for them.

I found a good compromise with the LOTR line. They are not too many to collect and display on the wall.

To be honest, The Avengers are still on my list. I could display them in a same picture frame with a nice background...

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