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My name is Frank and I come from Germany. I am 50 years old and have been building Lego for more than a year. As a child I played with Lego, but at that time there was no Lego Technic and you could only buy the basic stones in the shops.

In the Lego world I once again entered as an adult man, when I had seen the Porsche GT3RS in a department store in Berlin. My wife just shook my head when I came home with the Lego kit of the Le Mans sports car in autumn 2016. The GT3RS was just too expensive. But now is almost a year around and I drive my wife so slowly into the madness. 20 buildings have been completed. From various cars (including GT3RS, Land Rover from Jaaptech, two Baja Buggy and a self created MOC from a Hummer H1) and SUV, an excavator, I also made small builds of various Apple computers and consoles.

Currently I'm sitting at the alien of the Arvo Brothers. A great model, but not necessarily very stable. For the first time, I have to use some glue in two or three places, which I would never really want to do. But after I've built the body for the third time, I do not want to do it a fourth time.

I am looking forward to exciting discussions about the colored stones from Denmark.

Many greetings


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Hello and welcome to Eurobricks!

Heads shaking is something we encounter sometimes - its something to get used to. :wink: And honestly, building Lego is one of the nicest hobbies to have anyway.

The alien looks really impressive. I sometimes use small amounts of clear nail polish to increase the friction on some parts. Usually Minifigure necks and hair though. But maybe worth a try for that too. 

See you around!

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