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Hey all, looking for some help with a potential MOD of 76085 (JL Battle of Atlantis).  I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area, I looked around and figured this would be an acceptable place.  

I'm more than happy to post pictures if I mange to complete this without giving up.  My first attempt at something beside a small color swap or mod.  

So far i've purchased two sets and made small mods to put them together into a full circle rather than a half circle.  I'd like to try to place this new structure on a base plate and fill the surrounding empty plate area with underwater moss/plant life.  My issue is that I don't really know where to begin with the plant life.  My goal would be to use darker green and olive green leaves as well as dark green plant sea grass to make this happen.   

Any tips on where to begin with layering or placing the leaves etc.?


Edit: I have a large number of 6x5 Dark green plants (2417) that I am considering using with some (2423) parts.

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Well, pictures would help, but I would take inspiration from other underwater mocs.

These are both decent examples.

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