[MOC] Munificent class frigate (to scale with 8039 Venator)

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Here's something familiar from The Clone Wars to share with you - the Munificent-class star frigate. 


This one is seen throughout The Clone Wars series and in Revenge of the Sith so it was on my Must-MOC list for a long time. I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat suitable in scale when displayed with the Venator 8039. There's likely no hope of TLG ever doing this ship. There's not much to it but a shell of a hull with some guns around it - I was hoping to place an interior somewhere but there's barely any space. 

I recycled a bit of familiar parts - that sticker from the front slope pieces are from the Mandalorian speeder. The black strut in the front is there only to keep the ship upright. I had a version without the ventral fin but it looked wrong. I also got some inspiration from stark mark 5's sweet build here: 


Comments welcome. I can see now that I have to fix those engines. Next build.







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Wow this looks incredible! Love how you were able to pull of the slopes, that would be really tricky, especially while trying to scale it to the venator. 

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Looks great, only thing i have a problem with is the bridge, which could be a little more detailed like in the movie, but still, the rest looks great.




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Il y a beaucoup de travail dans ce MOC, mais ce que je trouve dommage c'est l'impossibilité de rendre lisse les partie visibles par le dessous. Travailler avec des tiles serait une vbonne option, on trouve des plates lisses et arrondies qui pourraient peut-être épouser les formes de cet avant trop pointu. Enfin bon, je dis ça mais c'est pas facile à faire, je l'avoue!! Votre création est tout de même admirable, merci du partage!

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