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He looks pretty awesome, though I think the hands could need some work. I'd recommend the "Bad Robot" Arm for the fingers.


Aside from that minor nitpick though, it's an amazing MOC.

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@chubbybots2 I'm also somewhat clueless when it comes to part names. I believe the name "Bad Robot Arm" was used on Pick-a-Brick back then, probably because of the origins of the part (as the antagonist robots in Exo-Force used it as their arms). Since I don't MOC in a group with other people, I never needed to learn proper names for pieces - until I started to interact more with other AFOLs here on EB and MOCpages. Also, me being German (and therefore referring to a lot of parts under German names - except for the ball joints, for some odd reason) didn't helped there either, heh.

But yeah, I think they'd give off the idea of an armored glove better than the parts you currently use for the fingers.

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