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Hi all , just joined this fabulous site as I saw your all interested in Lego , I'm in love with the technic range and normally heavy vehicles , i.e. Trucks , tractors , cranes ,and I have a few small ones I've got about 16 of which I've built about 8 and am loving it .

i will be looking for Mocs to the original ones I have so look out lol .thanks for the add I think I'm going to enjoy it here , pics will follow of what I've done so far 


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Hi rob, 

If you are introducing yourself, there is also a forum for that, but I think it will be fine.

There are plenty mocs out there that you will like, that are construction related.

I have made a few myself, and they are very interesting to make. 

Enjoy you time here!

(Could you make your post easier to read?)

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Warm welcome to EB Rob!! 

Glad that you joined.

Please be aware (as Aventador2004) stated, that we try to make proper posts. Don't worry about spelling mistakes, we all make them. But please use readable sentences, so use a period (.) instead of comma after comma. And use capitals at the beginning of a sentence etc.

I will move this topic to the introduction forum, no worries.

Hope you have a good time.

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