"FIRE!!!!" yelled the artillery sergeant as the rocket burst in to the air. As the artillery men went about testing their new prototype rocket they were watched by Leftenant Gibson of the Engineers and Captain Bowles of the Royal Navy. The Army had already approved the prototype rocket for use but the Navy was rather reluctant. "I don't doubt their combat effectiveness Leftenant, but what are the chances they hit the rigging of our own ships, the potential damage is devastating" yelled Captain Bowles trying to be heard over the screeching sound of the rocket. "I understand sir, however the Navy already makes use of mortars on board ships these rockets wouldn't need to be positioned differently from them" replied Leftenant Gibson trying to sound as if he believed it himself despite the fact he knew it wasn't true. "Leftenant, I think it best we end our conversation here, I will not endanger our ships by fitting them with these machines, the potential harm they may cause us simply outweighs any harm we could cause the enemy. However I can approve your rockets for Marines when on land, Good day Leftenant." said the Captain before he left. The Leftenant knew he would never be able to get his rockets onto Navy ships so the marines were the best he could hope for, he let out a small smile while watching another rocket being launched into the air.   Meanwhile Captain Fernsby had just landed and was headed to the rendezvous camp with Leftenant Miller, Leftenant Williams and Sergeant Davies. As he entered the camp he was greeted by three men none of which he had met before. "Greetings Captain Fernsby, my name is Captain Abbot, this is Mr. Bardsley representative of the ETTC and this is Leftenant Downer of the Royal Engineers. Apologies for the quick introductions but if you will please follow me, we have much to discuss before our departure in the morning."   ____________________________________________________________ The first build is my poor attempt at mimicking Ayrlego's building style in Port Woodhouse, it will be licensed as a small educational using my free license. Any criticism is welcome as I would really like to improve my building style. The second build is the interior of the building as I found the first build a little bit lacking, its nothing really special but it was kind of fun to attempt the inside of a building for a change. The third build is to continue Captain Fernsby's story, it's completely unrelated to the Office of the Royal Corps of Engineers but I didn't think it warranted it's own topic and I don't want to fill it out as it's own freebuild as it seems a bit cheap seen as though I didn't put as much effort into it as I would have liked due to time restraints.  Anyway sorry for my poor photography, I need a new camera its just whenever I go to buy a new one I come home with a bunch of new lego but no new camera. -Thanks