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[WTC] Minichallenge- Saboteur

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35659222671_0f212f31a9_z.jpgCount  Mesabi by North White, on Flickr

Official Press Release from the Wayfarer Trading Company:

Private investigators, police officers, adventurers and bounty hunters of the Brick Seas!

The WTC calls for justice! The mystery of the heinuos sabotage of the Wolf's Blood in Nova Malto must be unravelled and the perpetrator face his punishment.

Therefore, the WTC offers a sizable bounty for the one to discover the truth. Please find enclosed the case file with the current evidence and report to the nearest WTC representative with any developments in the case.


Count Mesabi

Chairman of the WTC

Case file:


Alright folks, it's time for a minichallenge! The Wolf's Blood was blown up in the middle of the Malto conflict, and I think it's time for people to show off their investigative and creative skills. What really happened?

Here are the rules.

  • Fill in the holes in the story and show us what might have happened! Your build must expand on the story so far. Is there a larger conspiracy in play? Has Oleon's suspect escaped? Was another ship destroyed? The story is in your hands!
  • 16x16 minimum base
  • LDD builds are not eligible for prizes
  • The challenge will be decided by a voting thread when the challenge is completed.
  • Voting criteria: Creativity in investigation and in filling in the holes in the story
  • I will not vote in the challenge, except to break ties, or if something "fishy" happens
  • You must be a member of BoBS to vote or participate in this challenge


1st Place: WTC will build and license a large property in the settlement of your choosing

And, you decide what really happened. Was it an Eslandolan plot? Native interference? Mardierian reprisal? Captain Mesabi? You decide!

2nd Place: WTC will build and license a medium property in the settlement of your choosing

(Notice: As I will be leaving for college in September, I cannot promise the prizes to be completed quickly. I will try to have them ready by 2018.)

Entries due by October 1st

Voting thread will open the next day, and all votes are due by October 7th

Post your questions in the thread below, or feel free to PM me

Edited by Mesabi

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I really hope I can find the time to participate, especially since there is a reasonable chance to incriminate someone! I have a feeling there will be evidence for Eslandian involvement! :P

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Ahem, I want to say that Oleon has despatched a platoon of their valiant soldiers to send the suspect to captain Mesabi, they have left their garrison one month ago, and no news of them since then, that becomes alarming! 


Count me in, Mesabi, this story of saboteur is really interesting.

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@Mesabi Can you enter multiple builds per entry?

For example, can my entry consist of a number of 16x16 vignettes which tell the story?

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@Ayrlego Yes, that would be great! Tell the story however you feel fit, across multiple topics, and multiple baseplates as well if you feel that works better.

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Here's my first part of entry.

As we've seen above, a month ago, the Oleander garrison in Eltina has sent a squad of their soldiers to deliver the imposteur, also the main the sole suspect of the WTC explosion, to Count Mesabi now residing at Mesabi Landing (is he still there?:look:). Unfortunately, they were landed at wrong place and should traverse the jungle, although the vegetation was dense and the path was muddy, they were expected to reach their destination in a 1 or 2 days, but we haven't heard of them since then. Now the squad finally arrived at WTC's gates and we are able to learn what happened to them and their convict.

During the night, the Oleander soldiers decided to feast their landing and were generously served with wine, everyone was drunk, the saboter took the occasion to flee.*huh*


Here's our saboteur, seems he managed to build a tent to hide and an apple-tree to sustain his survival.



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@Bodi Looks great! Make sure you post all your entries in a new thread as well please. Good luck in the challenge as well.

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Far west from Nova Malto and east from Tortuga...

A cutter is sailing beat to the east



Iauln : Lee Shore !!!

It's Barney, right in the rendez vous point !!!



Turpin : I don't even understand why we sailed to get him back, Oliver.

You hired 3 saboteurs, and this perfect specimen is the only one, you press for recovering...

It boggles my mind.


Doctor Thaum : No stress Dick, the two others are backseat drivers, and this one is the only one which I met while hiring. And Barney is not a bad guy.

The WTC and the... spit... count Mesabi could run after the 2 others, who cares, but this one is mine !!

Turpin : You're the boss, Oliver. Time to take on board Callaghan !



Callaghan : OK, I'll go !



Spillet : We are close to Isla de Victoria, Doctor, we must hurry. And the wind is changing.

Doctor Thaum : You're a wise man Mr Spillet, we will sail as soon as possible, but I need this man !


Callaghan : Should I take one or two turtles back with Barney ?

Doctor Thaum: You're a bonehead Callaghan !! Hurry up !!!


Callaghan : Come on Barney !! We're getting you back to Tortuga !

Barney : Great !!! I'd just decided that if you won't come in 3 hours, I had to runaway on a turtle heading east !!


C&C welcome

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The mystery has been solved by the renowned Herlock Sholmes!


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Tomorrow is the last official date to submit your entries!

If anyone needs/wants more time, PM me

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My entry


The second pub is licenced as small Artisan in Mesabi Landing btw :)

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