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A new user here, emporio is the name,iam a 37 year old dutch men.

After not building for 25 years, i just discovered that i still love to build, when i bought a star wars set, and since that time, i bought 2 more sets and i will buy many more.

I bought the resistance trooper transport, if anyone has some good advice about what are good and fun sets to build, please share, i love to read your feedback(doesnt have to be star wars)

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Hello emporio and welcome to eurobricks  - and welcome back to lego as well. :classic:

I got the Y-Wing just recently and I can really recommend it. Its quite sizeable and detailed, which makes it a really nice display-piece. And that it was on discount did help as well.

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Welcome to EB, emporio!

Star Wars sets are a lot of fun with some interesting building techniques, but if you're open to other themes I'd certainly recommend the Modular Buildings for larger builds, and things like the Speed Champions cars for smaller but still interesting builds.  Specifically, the Saturn V rocket is a great set and the building techniques employed throughout are really fun... plus it's priced very well for its size.  :classic:

Happy building!

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