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In here I will  mention details and explanations about my builds 


Campaign 1

The Meeting

  • The throne is inspired from Games Of Throns of course
  • The name of the president is the reversed name of president (and LUG Ambassador) of Greek LUG "Gricks" - Spiro Gero(poulos) -> Orego Rips. He is actually a big guy also
  • The war "Destruction of the Twelve Colonies" that mentioned and in where many chatracters fought is a fictitious interstellar holocaust first depicted in the 1978 motion picture Battlestar Galactica
  • "George Saunders" is my SigFig, me
  • "BoB Falldark" is my buddy from our LUG and co-player here in Plantasea, BoBKiD


Secret Rooms  

  • The quote that judge Stolz says "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace", seems invariably to be attributed to Jimi Hendrix. However, William Gladstone once said (prior to Hendrix): "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace." ( William Gladstone 1809-1898) . In addition, at around the same time that Jimi Hendrix said his words, Sri Chinmoy Ghose said, "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then there will be true peace." . While Jimi Hendrix may have been influenced by the quotes of the others, the words "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace" appear to be his own (or at least his own spin on theirs).
  • The room of the meeting in the mansion of Duke Carceran is full of deitails of real and fictional wars: Ancient Greece, Medieval, Vikings, Vitenam, Ninjago, Fallout, explorers era, Nexo Knights, 2nd WW, UN missions, Star Wars, HALO, Samurai, Gears Of War, Minecraft. Pirates. As the final comic strip was not very well set and most of the details lost, you can see more pictures here.

The Deal

  • The drug lord is named after Captain Hector Barbossa from the "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Hell Legion Selection 

  • The obstacle course came from the final trial of Greek Ranger School from which I proudly graduated many years ago.
  • The idea behind the unit "Hell Legion" and their soldiers, came from the France Foreign Legion
  • For the pictures of each recruid file, I tried to copy any players sigfig was presented until then

Base In Filace -center section 


( to be continued...)

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Spot in the Blue

  • The name of the frigate, "Silent Mary" is from the latest Pirates of the Carribean, Capitán Armando Salaza's ghost ship

Flags Ceremony

  • The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier refers to a monument (cenotaph) in dedication to the services of an unknown soldier and to the common memories of all soldiers killed in any war
  • The "War of the four Gems" that mentioned in the presentation of Iron Krakens Marines, is a fictional war within the Encantadia universe, a Filipino fantasy franchise produced and published by GMA Network
  • The unit "Vambeer Tunnel Rats" and their outfit inspired from Warhammer 40k unit "Anthonian Tunnel Rats"
  • The unit name. Vambeer,  is after Greek unpasterized and unfiltered beer
  • The unit "Veglen Chem Dogs", their outfit and their flag inspired from Warhammer 40k unit "Savlar Chem Dogs"
  • The unit "Vergina Iron Guards", their outfit and their flag inspired from Warhammer 40k unit "Mordian Iron Guard"
  • Even if actually Vergina is best known as the site of ancient Aigai (Αἰγαί, latinized Aegae), the first capital of Macedon where in 336 BC  Philip II was assassinated in the theatre and Alexander the Great was proclaimed king, the unit name came after a Greek premium lager beer
  • Captain Harlock inspired from 1977 magna catroon "Space Pirate Captain Harlock"
  • The name of his ship, "Arcadia", is also from the same series

Jaws Of Death

  • The main idea of the fire base is from similar fire US bases in Vietnam War
  • For the build of the canon I used several techniqes I saw in Flickr, but the firing computer is an original idea

Falcon's Nest

  • Even if it is a common phrase, the "Falcon's Nest" title is taken from an early Greek epic metal band "Eksoristi" (Exiles) song "Borders Everywhere". The lyric is: "...Borders everywhere, borders everywhere, Borders on the eagle rock, Borders on the falcon's nest"

First (no)blood

  • The title is a paraphrase from the first Rambo movie "First Blood"
  • The destroyed green canon in the bunker is copy of Level 10 Canon, from the game "Boom Beach"
  • The M899 APC is based in M577 APC from movie "Alliens". A guy in Flickr made a LDD copy somewhere back in 2011and I got two screenschots only from that, as this guy is not in FlickR anymore. I made some changes in the upper part, the machine gun in front, in the interior, the wheels and in the armament, and tryed a camo pattern
  • The Pegasus buggy also saw it somewhere and so made some changes to the one I started to build


( to be continued...)

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The Green Door

  • "Green Door" is title in songs and books with a mysterious meaning. "The Green Door" is a 1956 popular song with music composed by Bob "Hutch" Davie and lyrics written by Marvin Moore. The song's origins is that it was inspired by an afterhours club in Dallas, Texas, to which lyricist Moore had been refused entry because he did not know the correct password. Also, "The Green Door" is the tilte of a short story by O. Henry and is about a house an a strange theatrical play. Many talk about the song is about a strange private club. And during the Prohibition Era many restaurants would paint their doors green to indicate the presence of a speakeasy. Finaly in Fits-James O'Brien's short story, "The Lost Room", details a man being locked out of his own room by a group of demons and bears some similarity to the themes of the song 
  • I had no green door so I painted a transparent door with  Brunswick Green Gloss Hambrol modelers spray 
  • All the computer screens and the posters are custom made PVC stickers
  • There are elements from Fallout computer game (Mentats, Buffout, Rad-X, Brick-Tec)
  • The website that the Marine is checking, the, is the official website of  Greek LUG "Gricks"
  • General James Salter is a grandmaster military and political strategist character in the Steven Pressfield's novel "The Profession"
  • When my favorie Greek Brickling supplier got my order for 200 Medium Azure tiles (for the floor), called me and asked me if I ordered the by mistake as usually noone buyes them


It's Raining Men

  • The title is from the known 1979 song of The Weather Girls
  • As my 2 sons (7 and 10) usually see me to build for Great Brick War, and always want to help, I gave them 3 brown 32x32 baseplates and told them to make a jungle with short plantation.
  • The head of the agent is of course the Lone Ranger
  • The continue of the story is @BoBKiD 's The Bridge


The Mousetrap

  • It was an older idea i had for a Vietnam era diorama where US Tunnel Rats set a trap to VietCong
  • To get the right light to take the photos was much tricky. Probably I got over 100 shots to get the better result

The Birdwatcher

  • Even it is one of my most plain builds, it is one of most popular in my FlickR account
  • There are also 2 custom made PVC stickers, one from Fallout game and one from District 9 movie


Run to the Hills

  • As there are hills in the shore, the song of Iron Maiden is perfect for the RON soldiers who defend the beach
  • Ι made 2 squads one of 1st and one of 2nd division of Fillacian Marines. 
  • the final scene with the sunset was not in the script's original idea, but came after I saw how the sun light changed over the diorama
  • I merged this build with @BoBKiD 's The Bridge, an older castle of mine and  another one (Spiro Gelopoulos "Stargate") for a big diorama this September to the  official LEGO festival in the biggest mall of Thessaloniki (the second biggest city of Greece) where our LUG invided for another one year from LEGO Greece to participate 


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The Tsigaradiko

  • TSIGARADIKO  [τσιγαράδικο] : A Greek word that actually means “the cigarettes boat”. It is usually a sea vessel used by smugglers to carry illegal products ,mostly cigarettes
  • The crew of the fast boat is a reference to Star Wars as both are known smugglers and scavengers: one is Han Solo figure (with red hat) and the other a Jawa
  • "Utinni" is the only word in Star Wars saga that Jawa's say
  • The buildings behind the dock is my sons (7 and 10) custom made Minecraft buildings. Also the vegetation in the second part of the story made by them
  • There are also custom made PVC stickers in use 



  • The type of the copter is a diversion of "AH-64 Apache"
  • ...and the name is an native Indian tribe as usual in helicpter types
  • The design of the VTOL belongs to Vincent that unfortnally is lost from Flickr for 2 years now
  • I only did many different connections so to make the whole build more stable and playable  - my kids loves it



  • Is a plain build where I just wanted a quick way to present a new character in the game.
  • Kira refferes to Comissar Kira of Savlar Chem Bitches of Warhammer 40k universe
  • It's a 90% custom made minifig. Arms and Legs are original Lego. Body is the curved printed by Arelight, Hat is from Brickwarriors. Coat from Minifigforlife. Pistol from Brickarms .And the head is Lego Elves after I drill it with a 4,2mm drill so to fit to the minifig neck
  • The useless information of the day: Drilling the Elve head found that it is from 2 pieces. The stud in which the hairs are clipped, is embedded with an asteroid structure. It's not easy to get out of there (as below it's "blind" hole)
  • sLi8B2O.jpg



Goodnight Carrfour

  • The title comes form Billy Joel's song "Goodnight Saigon"
  • It took me about 60 hours to finish the diorama
  • I used a huge number of Duplo bricks so to make all the elevation 
  • It's a modular build so to be able to build each building separetly
  • Some custom PVC stickers used in this diorama: from movies "The 12 Monkeys" and "Soylent Green" (is human) and from Fallout game
  • I hadn't decided whitch soldier to use as LASER designator operator, when my 7yo son bring me a soldier who build it from various parts he found in my military minifig box. I just add the sattelite phone and the map
  • There are many small stories and scenes around the neighborhood
  • The HALO type Warthhog vechicle is not my design but as I downloaded alot of similar LDDs, I merged 2 or 3 of them so I can't remember the original designers names - sorry
  • A variety of aftermarket weapons and accessories used in from the fighting forces. Brickarms, Brickwarriors, Brickforge, Arelight, Combat Brick
  • The use of Mandalorian helmets is based to Heckler & Koch Galac-Tac project
  • Is the biggest and most complicated MOC I ever made until now!


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Dinner Out

  • The title comes from the 2001 movie "Spy Game" with Robert Redford and Brad Pittm and it's the secret rescue operation in the end of the movie
  • The time of operation , 7:17AM, is the same as on the movie (in the above Youtube link, 0:36)
  • The presendation of the build, was a cooperation ith @sigpro who is the creator of the UAV and the submarine
  • The Hell Legion unit "OYK Team 6", comes from Greek SEAL team: Omada Ypovrichion Katastrofon - Underater Demolition Team. There are no "OYK 6" in Greece but the "6" comes from the US SEAL Team 6
  • The last quote of the officer is also from the movie (check in Youtube link, 4.52)

The Red Violin 

  • The title comes from the same name movie of 1998. I was searching for a dramatic title for a build in a destructed city. And also this could be the continue of the story of the Red Violin
  • It was my participation in Recruiting Campaign 01- The Fight for Support- 12/14/17, where this build was the winner


Behind Enemy Lines Prequel 1/2 "Decision Making"

  • It is the first part of the prequel for the 5th Campaign Build 
  • I used alot custom made PVC stickers, for screens, flags, signs, maps, boxes, etc
  • In this build there are probably accessories from all major companies: Brickarms, Brickwarriors, Brickforge, Combat Brick, MinifigCat


Behind Enemy Lines Prequel 2/2 "Spare Parts"

  • The second part of the prequel for the 5th Campaign Build 
  • The names of the two pilots are from Star Wars (Wedge Antilles, pilot in X-Wing Fighter) and from the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie (downed pilot Chriss Burnett,  in F-18)
  • Actually, some minifigures were harmed in the making of this build!!! Among the dead people carried to be burried, I used soldering gun so to rip their plastic (as they cut so to get their internal organs :sick:)


Behind Enemy Lines "Operation White Sword"

  • It is the final build of the alliance efford so to resque the downed pilot
  • The story based on the final scene of the "Behind Enemy Lines" movie


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Posted (edited)

Charlie Air Force Base

  • The whole idea behind the AFB-33 Aircraft is the fictional Mig-31 Firefox from the same name movie back in 1982
  • The Control Tower can be fully open and is playable
  • The Xenorian General Wade Eiling, took his name from a villain who appears in comics published by DC Comics, sometimes known as The General, made his live appearance on the first season of The Flash


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