[MOC] Trossingen Station

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This is the "Stadt Bahnhof" (city station) of Trossingen. (Trossingen has two stations, see for details about the interesting history of this special railway).


The current modernised state of the building does not show anything of the original timber framing. (See this website for historical images: ). Faller made a version of this station so it can be seen on many model-railway layouts in Germany. I must admit I mainly used images of these models found in the web while building.

It was shown in Trossingen near the original building from November 2015-March 2016 together with the second railway station of Trossingen and a historical train:

It's not the first version in LEGO. Daniel Kampa built this years ago and called it "Stadoerfla station":








It has no interior since the visible snotted walls are to weak to carry the massive roof. Many of the elements are held by a single clip or stud.


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This looks amazing. Wonderful wooden top floor and decorations. And clever use of those old 70s doors. The black lines on the white walls are brilliantly done. And so many more details...:wub:

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One beautyfull piece you have created. A trainstation with awsome details. Love it..

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