[MOC] Classic train - 12v Shell Terminal

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A few days ago, I made a decision. I've tried to build big houses, buildings and trains and have never been satisfied. I and new pieces and colors doesn't match and when I am collecting 12v trains and buildings and was a kid in the 80s it was actually a pretty easy decision: My mocs will look as they are taken from a LEGO catalogue from 1982-86.

So, here is my first try. The brand new 7833 Shell terminal from 1984! It's still only build digitally, but I think I'm going to buy the pieces to build it in real, too!

Any ideas and thoughts are welcome. Be mercyful :-)






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Looks great, you've catched the iconic style from the early/mid 80s very well! 

Compared to today's LEGO sets and MOCs that era proved that building with limited colors and shapes wasn't a limitation in creating both great toys and model railroad.

Looking forward to see more of that stuff! 


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Be what? Merciful???

I was a kid in the 70's and 80's depending on how you define "kid" - according to my wife I still am today - and I completely agree with you: It was easier to come up with a MOC. But you know what? The feeling of "ease" and "being satisfied" with what you created comes from your imagination. And that is the very difference for me: Imagination is what renders a studded LEGO MOC comprised of X by X bricks and plates and a couple of totally beyond belief round bricks, a never seen before tap ... in about eight colors - the most wonderful thing the world has ever seen!

That is was LEGO is (was?) all about.

And as Holger said: You really captured that look and feel. And: It is the most beautiful Shell terminal. I can literally feel the liquid pouring out of these taps into canisters.

Wonderful decision, hope to see more of your future MOCs!




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