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This is my LEGO Ideas The Flintstones set proposal HERE  I have over half the votes needed for LEGO to review it. Larger and more images HERE  Beyond The Brick interview showing physical build HERE 

The car is attached to the stand / dirt road by a ball joint, so it can be positioned dynamically, and look like the weight of the ribs is tipping it.

(The graphics on the Minifigures and other elements were added on top of the photos in Photoshop, Dino is a render composited in )

Thanks, Andy





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First of all; I love your project. Amazing.

However, Eurobricks is not meant as an advertising platform. We don't mind that put a link to LEGO Ideas in your post, but your topic screams "Support my LEGO Ideas project"! Can you please change the setup of your topic/post so you tell us something about your cool MOC and the history or the idea behind it?

Oh and, images can be 1024 wide max. 

I have done some corrections, if you could rewrite your post a bit, that would be great.


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