[MOC] Town Evolution: Lindburg-Gartenstadt

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Hi Folks,

some time ago i 've shown my town project Lindburg here. The last years i was working a lot on my secondary LEGO project, a medieval castle puzzle, called Puzzling Castle Scapes, but in between i found some hours to be spent on my town. Here it comes: a lota script with numerous pictures … (h-meeting.jpg


i must confess, I'm pathetic - i try to use a vast variation of parts and i always thought of inserting the automatic 70ies garage door somehow


But the 4 bricks height won't  make  it very realistic, 'til - 'til i saw a documentation on TV. There was this guy with a british roadster, he drove by his garage, got off, and _pushed_ his car into the really low garage (driving in? no way!). The idea was set but the red version seemed boring to me by that time and i switched to Shell variety (seeing the car through the glass was a definite plus). So colours for doors and windows were chosen - not the cheapest choice, you know what i mean So what colour to use for the walls? Red came instantly to my mind but was also instantly skipped - i already built a red structure with yellow windows and grey decorations (boring again!). A short peek on my re-acclaimed town hall brought dark orange as its colour and "Decadent Mansion" as its working title. A fast constructed 2nd version of my british roadster and i got …




The first wave of Minecraft sets made us the gift of bright pink bricks with groove (as piggy legs!). Stocked in the beginning (thx Max) i early wanted a bright pink mansion with roller doors. With white as colour for decorations (1x14 bricks with groove still do not exist in bright pink) i could give it a quick go. 6378's bp for a slow road, my Volvo in blue and the cat from the Pet Shop and additionally a clear diamond as lamp and a thermal detonator as bell:




Thomas52 often tried to convince me to take a look at the (printed) parts from the 4Juniors sets. The wall parts in the new light yellow colour aka bright light yellow finally changed my mind. Starting with a balcony annex another mansion was developing:






The limited choice of parts in this colour led to some features - the availability of 1x1 plates by Unikitty's feet brought the corner ornaments, the 1x6x2 arch taken from the Friends Mall resulted in the pediment's balcony and the less variety of plates left this cutout i early planned to fill with the neighbour building.


It fitted perfectly, i own the decor bricks from train sets 122, 126 forming consecutive house numbers. A 300sl gullwing in tan seemed the right vehicle and the freshly shown up indian's baby turned to front sufficed as "Babybjørn".




After all that special colours some more harmless had to follow. Due to my castle builds i always have a stock on grey material - the plan was to build a solely grey building but with a structured wall as alternation and numbered 122 (to avoid complete boredom, the house finally got a bend - increasing the impression of a surrounded historical building).





The doors and windows left me stumped - some trying finally led to brown doors with white windows (including some Minitalia-). Furthermore i initially used 4214.giffor a (kitchen) window. Exceptionally i dealt with the furniture at once :


The dinosaur fin as a plant i've seen anywhere.



At this time the ensemble - as a further quarter of Lindburg - got its name Gartenstadt and was located on the other river side. As an conclusion the longside road should run from Gartenstadt to this bridge,

what made it, now called bridge street, an extension of Drakentorweg, which directly led through the town wall gate also called  Drakentor to downtown. Excessive stud counting finally resulted in a draft for the other end of the bridge inside Gartenstadt, including a bridge house:



Should comply with the rest of the town - as also can be seen on the extended map:




Then i was dealing with the right side of bridge street - a boardwalk should become the main part. As its kernel i visioned a large, old, extremely crooked hotel, that had got countless annexes over time. Getting a fitting environment i also planed a waterside terrace for having breakfast. An ideal street was offered by the road plate with crosswalk from 6399 airport shuttle. Former tests on the layout:



At that time the freshest Emma's House brought lavender as a new very likely colour, interesting parts in dark violet for a ton-sur-ton pedestal  were mainly available by the Friend's Hotel.


Unfortunately there was one giant problem: the front side of the hotel, as oriented to the boardwalk it should become very prestigious but as oriented opposite of the main view of Lindburg it should be completely left out for playability. The backside of the hotel, complying to the main view orientation however didn't seem an appealing task. But we will see …


So first i constructed a pedestal/cellar that prepared a veranda and had already a lot of corners and bulges with not at least knowing how the structure would evolve. Thank god my pal Max had part-outed some Emma's Houses and supplied repeatedly lavender material.


Next the veranda arose:




"Annex" on the backside:


Virtually on progress the view-play-problem was solved, the core of the hotel are drawer-like halls, that can be removed for full play access on rooms of that floor or the hall beneath.


Conclusion was the earlier mentioned terrace by the river, later framed by white Fabuland heart shape fences:


At the end the lavender stock from Max did not suffice at all so i got 1x2 bricks from Nadine's (nadana86) and Thomas' (tomzen) store Steineflut. They also helped me out with a pearl golden sai for decoration. A guest just arrives with her red Renault R4 and the hotel warden was inspired by Alice from the then new Disney minfigure series. The hotel truly is my masterpiece - the build was just a one-week-flow and all details carried out just fine!


That state of composition was ocasionallly completely laid out
at a gathering at Maurice's (steinlegoliath) home in Hannover last year:


(Picture taken by Marwel, many thx)



Thus the hotel was so lonely in its block, i parted out the CC-cinema, obtained some additional dark tan parts and spontaneously designed a tenement for the back support of the hotel:





Another tenement - this time a serial house - in classic yellow was next:





As the colour was more usual i throw myself into for the shape with a diagonal pediment. The red house numbers came with the LEGO diary and one fleshy DFB-Team legs were interpreted as hot pants over tights (the green leather? jacket from the new camper also seemed very fashionable with that):


The location was set in row with the dark tan tenement:



And again laying out Gartenstadt completely:



You may have guessed it - the Tram (aka MR)  should also operate on this riverside, so there was exhausting studs counting again. Next on agenda was an ornate building with a separated stairs tower spanning the tram - certainly diagonal (the sand green HP roofs waited for their first application almost eternally).



(includes passing by Route 2 train)



A short interlude and #122 got its attic storey:



Returning from one of my visits at Max i returned with a large amount of 1x2 bricks in bright green. Some good material for building landscapes but when Thomas52 made me the golden scripted 132 brick of the Legoland train set (that was a LEGO employe X-mas gift before)  as a gift (he got that brick from the customer service,  what else?) another tenement was developed quite fast. It had naturally to be rowed up with #122 and #126 (but on the other side of the crossing vis-a-vis the bright pink mansion). Some Dimension sets helped dressing up the inhabitants:





Going on with the neighbourhood - but again the recurring problem: the front sides of the next houses (row) were opposite of the main view orientation - this time leading to shaped back sides and open playable front sides. Three houses were following, a mansion with an unpainted back but side walls already prettified:




The back wall of a 4 flat house with loggias:


and in the middle a second mansion that got a conservatory added at the backside and got renewed _afterwards_ (inside the conservatory and on some details you can see the house's old style!):



At last a layout picture of the riverside:



By the way this direction there will be only a tram track added furthermore that leads to the airport to the left and then the town really, really ends here (unbelievable …).

That's all folks.

Greets, Ralf



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Nice! I really like the classic style you use for your buildings, but with a twist by using modern day bricks and colors. Really looking forward how it will futher evolve :classic:

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excellent classic nostalgia here! Also incredible to see a pink house in such a neat design :wink: Perhaps, since you build 4 wide cars, this might interest you.

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Thx guys.


14 hours ago, Brickviller V2 said:

Really looking forward how it will futher evolve :classic:


3 hours ago, Man with a hat said:

It looks like it is going to be a really big layout.

To clarify, these buildings make up the beginning of the newest quarter of this:


(this side of the river, to the left)

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It looks Amazing, and hase a great oldschool feel to it

I could look at this for hours!

Great Great Work!


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I started working on yet another quarter, surronding a brickyard. It's named Tonkuhlen (clay pits) and the buildings shall follow the 1620 Chocomel Factory's style:


(1620 certainly being one of Tonkuhlen's buildings! Left house is taken from the backside of the 6000 building book)




and a church:


(all pictures wip)

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