GBW - CP3 - Erotema - 3 men and an assult

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-Stop! I can see them!

-What do you see?

-They got a nasty MG outside the weather station.

-Lets call the rockets.

-Is that really nessesary? Our orders where to assult the position!


-I'm not gonna look that MG straigth in the face. Give me the radio.

SIERRA PAPA transmitting coordinates…E4 12 - 14

ROMEO LIMA roger, entering position…FIRE. Rockets inbound.


-When they have touched down, we will run over there and just call it an assult!


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You’ve been awarded (5) points.

Judges’ comments…

Not enough going on here. Would have liked to have seen a lot more detail as you set a high bar for yourself with your side builds.

This just felt empty. You spent some time making some good looking figures, but when it came to the build...I expected a lot more. You've shown us more in the past and would like to see you do more. I did appreciate the detail of the blown out glass, but on that small building, it just felt like too little. We know you can do more, give yourself ample time to create something others want to take 5 minutes and stare at!

This build certainly has some good components, but what really hurt your score is the fact that the majority of the build appears to be a basic baseplate. The destroyed building is nice, but I think that some additional details, such as additional rubble from the attack, would really help it stand out. Also, for the terrain, you added some plants and variation in elevation, but I think some additional details would also help. Perhaps a fence around the facility or a dirt path for the workers to use. I do like the custom weapons and radio backpack, though. Those are well done. The campaign calls for coordination with your allies. I cannot see any reference to any allied forces. This issue did not destroy your score, but they did result in the loss of a few easy points.

Thanks for playing!

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