GBW - CP3 Commonwealth of Southern Territories - RoN Defense: Part C1 - Crossroads Command Post

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Grid: Studica E4


All military campaigns need a hub for planning attacks, planning defenses, processing satellite data & reports, adapting to situations in real time, and maintaining communications with all members of the Alliance.

The RoN just so happens to have set up a makeshift command post in a small town on the Northeast side of the lake in Grid E4. 



The Command Post has multiple soldiers attending to all of the data delivered via satellite, following the radio chatter, and communicating orders to all of the RoN soldiers in the theater of operations.





The command post is set up in a warehouse built of brick and steel.  It is located at a T intersection, across from a park and an abandoned butcher shop.



A temporary landing pad has been set up for helicopters.  Easy and quick access to drop supplies and soldiers.



This is the small park where the anti-aircraft system has been set up to deal with threats from above.



The RoN Alliance has also set up a temporary brig to house their prisoners of war.



As for threats on the ground, there is a team in place patrolling the area.




As you can see, a small squad attempted to overthrow the command post but they failed. Of the ten men that attacked, only 3 survived and have been jailed for the time being.  Soon, the transport helo will arrive to take them to an undisclosed location for...questioning.



Unfortunately, the media showed up and is hanging out, snapping pictures.  As you can see, she is wearing the bright blue "DON'T SHOOT ME" color helmet!






OOC: Group planning was intense, and to my team, sorry if I seemed a bit aggressive, I just wanted us to really rock this campaign!  I promise, I plan to step back on the next Campaign mission, you have my word.

I have used Brickarms and weapons and gear.  The custom black computer parts (6 of them) are from TnT MOC Supply.  I have 4 HUMVEEs, all inspired by Brickmania builds.  The dark green/brown camo one has been seen before.  The Avenger S-A-M HUMVEE has a few modifications.  The 2 pickup HUMVEEs were major modifications of the Avenger.  I wanted to drop a Huey gunship on the landing pad, but as I didn't have air abilities yet, and I didn't want to distract from the main build of the Crossroads CP, I decided against it.  The desert 6 color camo soldiers were designed by Lando of Brickmania, and the Woodland Camo for the Commander is from Citizen Brick, along with his head.  Unfortunately, due to my fear of not getting pictures uploaded in time, I neglected to take an overview shot...which is usually the first shot I take!  Oh well...I think the puzzle of where everything goes seems to be pretty easy; any questions, just let me know.

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Good! I saw the pics on flickr before you posted. Many interesting details, the AAA vehicle looks very good and excellent SNOT in the street.

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Nope overview shot never got taken. In my rush to get the pics taken and uploaded on time, I forgot about that one. Overall, it's 96 x 96 studs, so 3 x 3 made up of 32 x 32 base plates.

Thanks for the comments.

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Really good build Stash, loving so many little details, I won't list everything but special mentions to the "map room" and the street designs.  

Nice work.

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Excellent build for our RON Command Center !

Be under your orders was a pleasure sir ! 

The Wiwaxia received perfectly its orders and executed them correctly !

So, thank you for being sometimes aggressive. You were fair and good discipline is never too much ! :laugh:

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Congratulations. It is really a full detailed build. Unfortunatelly there is not an overview picture, but I know how it is to rush so to be on time...And I liked the new Brickmania camo minifigs!!!

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Thanks all!  Yeah, usually the first shot I take is an overview...just slipped my mind.  As I was setting this up outside on a table, It was actually kind of warm, so moving everything back and forth from the house to the table down the stairs, I started sweating.  Then, while organizing everything, the roads were actually getting hot, like really hot.  This entire display almost went in a totally different way had something burst into flames!  I was actually worried about sweating on my display.  Ahh, the unknown life of LEGO.

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You’ve been awarded (10) points (+4 Bonus Points).

Judges’ comments…

Very large build. Very large.... I hate you.

You really captured the calm before the storm. A very clean build with some great structures and vehicles (even if they are based on Brickmania designs). One of my favorite details has to be the rolling garage door. Just a really neat design that perfectly captures the design of the real thing. Adding civilians going about their daily business is a fine detail, too, and it really helps contrast the civilian and military nature of your build. Overall, my suggestions are mostly for minor points that can help to take your build to the next level. For example, the roofs are rather bare, but I think some HVAC units, garbage, or doors and hatches to allow roof access would look great. Not too parts intensive, but they can really make a building look realistic. Similarly, the park is a little too clean. If heavy military vehicles are being driven across the grass and large cages are being put up, I’d expect to see some dirt showing from all the traffic. I think that details like this could really help your build get to the next level.

Thanks for playing!

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