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4995 Creator cargo Chopper Review

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Hello and welcome to another, oh wait, first Batbrick and iamded review!


Today us two sworn enemies will be reviewing the Creator Cargo Chopper, here is the front of the box:


And while pushing iamded to his doom, here is the back:


Haha! Ouch! Oh are the parts anyway...


Here is the instruction of the first model, the Cargo Chopper. I love Creator sets for the different models, they always excite me. Just ignore me finishing off my nemesis in the background.


Something very interesting that I liked in the instructions was this step where you must add those three 2x2 yellow rounded pieces under the chopper.


This is for support while you build, which is handy, and later you take it off:


And even later use it as the cargo. I found that to be rather innovative and clever, as well as - Hey! What are you hitting me for?


Both instruction booklets have the same back:


Now heres the Chopper itself. I love the design of it, it isn't quite minifig scale but its great all the same. This is my first non-Xpod or House creator set, and it sure is fun.


Here me and iamded go for a dizzy ride. I love the nose of the copter, and the landing gear is fantastic.


A shot from the other side. Oh dear, it seems we've been a bit sick from that ride, and were vomiting transgreen 1x1s.


The cargo itself is nicely made, though I forgot to put on two tiles here :-$ .

It fits in real well with the chopper to, and the line is great for giving iamded the wedgie he deserves:


This is my first power function set, so I was pretty excited. The motor is intergrated really well into this set, and is activated by pushing that little 3x2 plate with the 1x1 slopes on it forward, until it hits the motor button, that orange knob. Another point of interest is the use of bley barrels on each side. I like this as I don't have those pieces in that colour.


A shot of the motor. Its really simple, all you do is pull the hook out to any length that allows, then press the orange button and it will wind it back up. This makes the Chopper pull the cargo up into its bay, and iamded pull me here reluctantly to a whacking:


A top view, is that MY head?


A view of the chopper without the cargo in it. I love the lowered cockpit:


The leftover pieces from building: (NOTE: iamded's head does not count as set piece)


And a final shot of the set with me and iamded. Oh, it appear we're dead, oh dear...


Hope you enjoyed this review, soon I will post the two alternate models. I loved this chopper, its great to play with and has nice construction. It also has some handy pieces too. The motor function sounds like a gimmick but is well intergrated into this model. Well worth the price, so far this is another win for Creator I say! So far I recommend this model, but later we'll see if the alt models are up to scratch.

Also, since this is my first review, comments and criticism welcome on everything.

Batbrick Away! >:-)

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Thank you very much for a fine review, Batbrick. *y*

What the.... I never realized these cool grey barrels till now.... that

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Great review! Keep them coming! I might get this set now. I must have those grey barrels...


Oh dear... :-D X-D :-P



This was a hilaruos review, too.

Edited by ~VBBN~

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I wish I could just get those grey barrels alone, the rest of the set doesnt really intreigue me much :-$ Thanks for the review.

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Thanks everyone, heres part 2:

The second instruction booklet includes instructions for both alternate models, which is good, I hate having too many manuals:


Here she is, the plane:


Its very nice and well proportioned, but where did iamded get that laser?


Overview, the landing gear is very sturdy and nice, and the wings are surprisingly good:


Top view, iamded's head fell into the propellers, I was trying to save him, honest!


A view of how the motor on this one works, by pushing the orange button you can make the prop spin. It is well integrated like the chopper, though the prop only spins for about 2 1/2 seconds. Still, its a nice feature:


The tail is also well made, simple, but lovable. Oh, and check out that tank!


The prop spinning, Agh! Is that MY hand?


Final view, there seems to be some sort of explosion here 8-|


Well I think I got iamded more than me atleast. The second model is also great, though not as good as the chopper. The lack of space to fit something into the cockpit brings it down a bit, but it is a very nice model overall. I recommend it, though unlike the chopper it will be hard to mod into minifig scale. So far so good with 4995, here are the leftover pieces from the model:



Batbrick Away! >:-)

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Great review, Batbrick! Iamded got what he deserved. X-D

X-O :'-(

:-P Great review, Batbrick! This looks like a wonderful set, I love that plane! It doesn't bother me that it's not mini-fig scale, as it looks more for display IMO. *wub* Looking forward to seeing the final model! *y*


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I really like this set... even though I was hoping for a mini-motor! :-D Chock full of great parts too. Thanks for the review. *sweet*

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Thanks guys, heres the final part:

The Instructions for the boat begin on page 46:


The overall set, its actually much nicer than I thought it would be, the pictures on the box make it look ugly.


Top view, Tommy Guns do not actually come with set ;-)


Side view, the designers have done an excellent job with the hull, considering the lack of many slopes pieces.


You can see it is pretty much minifig scale too:


Here you can see that by pushing in the red technic axle, the "anchor" on the front will be hauled back into the boat:


Back view, these outboard motors are pretty cool, though I wish they could go own into the water more:



Overall, though the weakest model, its still a lot of fun, and has a clever way around the lack of a shapely hull. I was impressed with it after the building it, it even has two rounded SNOTTy bottom pieces on the nose of the boat to give the impression it is speeding through the water with the front lifting up.


Lots of leftover pieces for this one:


The pieces:



Sorry about the poor photograph there, it was getting late :-$

Overall the Cargo Chopper is another great set in the fantastic Creator line. Loads of fun, great play, and some clever designs, it challenges you to make your own things, and even includes some nifty pieces (bley barrels! *wub* ) I won't give it a rating, but I'll just say I certainly recommend it to fans of the theme and Lego fans in general.

Now, finally, iamded and I teamup in the face of a larger foe. Get that Lord of Pies!


Batbrick Away! >:-)

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