[GBW-CP3] Tyera -RON Defence: A2

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Not all soldiers get the luxury of being air dropped into a comfy forest and hiding out to wait in ambush for the enemy.  Some warriors have to man the defenses and prepare for the worst!  This squad has just arrived and already has taken up position at an Bunker and is ready for the CoAC scum to storm into their area of fire.  Armed with state of the art weapons and equipment, this squad can keep in constant contact with the command post.  If this team is overpowered and needs to make a retreat, a nearby surface ship can launch a cruise missile attack to give the team time to retreat to their rendezvous point.


As the troops get comfortable a explosion from Coac artillery knocks out one of their satellites.


The troops quickly rush outside and open fire, only to find a squad of troops.


While the troops from Coac believe that they have won, RON troops, whom were camouflaged, suddenly stand up and gun down the Coac artillery gunners.


After losing their gunners the remains of the Coac squad retreat.


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You’ve been awarded (5) points.

Judges’ comments…

There are some things to be found here, but it is hard to see with the photos. You have to work a little bit on your photos so that we can really see your builds a bit better. Work on detailing things out a little more or expanding these campaign builds a bit.

Looks as if you have created hiding spots for your soldiers with the tan, but it was difficult to differentiate from the terrain itself. Majority of the terrain was flat 2x4 bricks, and a little bit of variation at the creek, which is right outside the bunker. Plenty of soldiers involved in the firefight, but they all look the same. Have some fun with it and have them well hidden firing on the enemy. Focus on that terrain to create natural barriers for the soldiers. As for pictures, you have to get some more light. It has been suggested by many to take the pictures outside so you can get full light on your build. Do this for your builds from now on. it makes a HUGE difference and can add easy EASY points to your score.

I see some nice parts usage here, most notably with the rock pieces as satellite dishes and the barbed wire along the roof of the bunker. You spend some effort on the terrain, and I’d suggest that you continue to work and perfect your skills here. Using more tiles and plant pieces can really help make subtle hills and variations in the terrain. That would be especially valuable for your trench, as ground very rarely cooperates and maintains a nice, smooth trench after excavation. One issue is the vent piece in the middle of the bunker. I am slightly confused if this is supposed to be an entrance or a gun. Either way, I’d suggest making it smaller and less obvious (you don’t want to give your enemy a great big weak point to aim for). The reference to the nearby surface ship is a great touch that ties in nicely with the rules of the campaign.

Thanks for playing!

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