[GBW] CP3 - Plantasea - The Bridge

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(GBW- CP3) Plantasea - The Bridge      [Campaign 3 main build]

The build features the bonus paratroopers I received during FRACO#1. 


35462360764_633b164c30_o.jpgMOC The Bridge - prequel by BoBKiD206, on Flickr

36163852021_a59df3a259_o.jpgMOC The Bridge pt1 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr

35462364394_2ceb8ca103_o.jpgMOC The Bridge pt2 by BoBKiD206, on Flickr

















Fun fact:

The "abandoned service tunnels" features a pair of Power Functions led lights with green transclear bricks, that gives the greenish "night vision" effect.

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On 8/1/2017 at 8:56 AM, sigpro said:

Excellent story and details. The bridge is superb!


The bridge is 90% made with technic bricks. Combining system and technic bricks gives excellent results and great sturdiness. :classic:

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You’ve been awarded (8) points.

Judges’ comments…

Great Build. Your construction on the bridge is very well done and there is a strong sense of realism in it. The lit up rooms were definitely a strong point too. Very well done.

Good story and build here. I like the fact that you created a valley, along wit ha built bridge. You used BURPS, but added on to them so it didn't look...plain. Plenty of vegetation here, and that helped to cover any straight inorganic parts of the terrain. The soldiers in action really carried a bit with this and I really enjoyed both the soldier hanging off the side of the build planting the explosives, and the nightvision shot. Your lighting is very good, but I was distracted by the background items, try to go with a little bit bigger cover or be sure everything in the background is blurred so it cannot be identified. My one question is, will your team be safe in those tunnels when the toys go boom?

That’s a nice story, and it’s a great follow up to your earlier build. I have to ask, where did you get those minifigs from? The camo printing looks great, and I love how you made each soldier in the unit unique. The green light in the tunnel is a great touch and looks outstanding in the twilight shot towards the end. Nice job with the mountain, too. BURPs can be difficult to incorporate, but you did a good job. You did an excellent job with the pictures and posing of different minifigs to capture the scene. My only suggestion would be to get a bigger backdrop or take the pictures outside. There are a few instances where I can see the inside of your house. Minor and not too distracting, but certainly noticeable. Several things that hurt your score are from the campaign rules. 1st, the campaign states that COAC should show an attack to gain ground against enemy positions. Adding a pillbox or even just showing your troops attacking some sentries would have gone a long way. 2nd, the campaign calls for coordination with your allies. You did a fantastic job tying it in with your earlier build, but I cannot see any reference to any allied forces. These issues did not destroy your score, but they did result in the loss of a few easy points.

Thanks for playing!

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