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[Software] LDraw Instruction Visualizer

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Year by Year I take many lesson, when developing LICreator. But I go to this software in the end. It is written in Java. So will be platform in-depended,  what is in Java technology nature. But I testing and build LDraw Instruction Visualizer only on Microsoft Windows Seven with 64 bit architecture.

What this tool can do:

  1. %APPDATA% for Windows platform or User Home Directory for others as Storage
  2. Can hide | un-hide selected parts
  3. Display part description
  4. Rotate on selected axis
  5. Exports steps as single images
  6. and many more ...

A use JLDraw as starting point of my journey It is Simple LDraw models viewer, written and abandoned by Mario Pascucci in 2014 year. I try get new life to this software, and make them better... that software, I currently stop working on... for many reason. At the current level of development, this program can calmly serve as instruction player.

Everyone, stay tuned for updates.


This software strongly depend on LDraw file format standard. If model do not have STEP command. You can see, only one step on the list.


  • LEFT BUTTON   for selecting single part
  • RIGHT BUTTON    for context menu
  • SHIFT + LEFT BUTTON   for select more parts
  • CONTROL + LEFT BUTTON   for toggle section
  • ALT + LEFT | RIGHT BUTTON   for rotate all parts in currently displayed step
  • MOUSE WHEEL for zoom out | zoom in


Move application source to GitHub repository LDraw-Instruction-Visualizer

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