[GBW-CP03] Briolui - RON Part A1 - "What do you call..."

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Infantry is made up of soldiers, and soldiers are one of the most valuable items the RoN Alliance has!  True, tanks and helicopters can cost millions of dollars, but those don’t have the ability to assess a situation.  A tank cannot decide, based on terrain, the best way to devise an ambush and capture/annihilate the CoAC enemy.  Soldiers can! These men have devised an ambush, in the hills and forests of Briolui in grid E5  and intend to take down as many of the enemy as they can.  Once the retreat is given by the command post, there will most likely be a cruise missile launch to cover the soldiers retreat.

Lemar: Sarge, we've got Refnor forces inbound, small 5 man recon squad moving through the trees ahead.

36155507171_bb4528c295_z.jpg1 by Phadeout, on Flickr


Sgt Grimm: Good eyes Lemar, small enough for us to handle alone, Lobo, Chalk, hold until I call it.  Reminds me of a joke I heard "What do you call a group of Refnor soldiers walking through a forest?"

36247641946_a253d47c6b_z.jpg3 by Phadeout, on Flickr


Chalk: Dunno Sarge.

Sgt Grimm: Hold on, hold on.. Ok green light men drop them.

36247641186_7e4f4e3c47_z.jpg5 by Phadeout, on Flickr


Lemar: Four down, we've got a runner"

36155506031_85aa967a20_z.jpg6 by Phadeout, on Flickr


Lobo: In my sights

Lemar: Five down, clean sweep.  So what do you call a group of Refnor soldiers in a forest?

Sgt Grimm: Corpses.  Eyes open, they'll know soon enough their boys aren't going to check in be ready to pull back to the exfil site and call in the big guns, nice shooting fellas.


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You’ve been awarded (7) points.

Judges’ comments…

I was almost going to disqualify this for size, but you built a few separate things that make up the size requirement. In the future, try to do it in one. I could be wrong though as the photos don't allow you to see the whole build. Euther way..... your detail work is pretty good. The rock formation is a little similar to a side build you made prior. Step up your game, I know you can!

Good build, in 2 parts, but when connected, you made the minimum size requirement, so good job. This felt similar to your previous builds. And although that isn't a bad thing, too many looking to close will probably gain some intense scrutiny from the judges. Unless that's what you are trying to do is improve your forest/flora builds on hillsides with rockwork, then by all means, keep up the great work! Soldiers were geared, fantastic plant life. The trees were similar, but not all the same. I can envision a setting like this in the real world so I appreciate what you have done here. The rocks look sloppy, and by sloppy, I mean that in a good way. They don't look standard and look very organic; not an easy task to complete...but you pulled it off.

You really do a great job capturing a hilly/mountainous forest similar to the ones near where I live. The trees look nice and you really do an excellent job mixing the dark and regular green for the ground. The rocks are nice and you did a fantastic job adding some additional details around the base of the rock wall. In the future, I think you should focus on trying to improve the trees (Lego trees are hard, I know) to create different designs and perhaps incorporating some other details to really make each build unique. Try to incorporate something to ensure that this build is different from your prior builds.

Thanks for playing!

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