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[GBW - CP3] Toohati - RoN Defense: Part C3

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Shared intelligence between the RoN nations of Briolui and Toohati has lead a general consensus among the intelligence command groups (aka "Spooks" to soldiers) that a small group of CoAC agents have crossed the border between Refnor and Briolui. (Grid E5, southeast corner). A patrolling drone detected several anomalous heat signatures moving southeast from Refnor into the Briolui town of St. Reinhardt. Once into the town, the heat signatures separated, becoming lost among the others. Save one. One heat signature was able to be tracked. It took the road less traveled, heading into the abandoned district...

Left empty and walled off after a serious industrial accident, this district has long been undisturbed. Over a decade ago, an explosion at a factory showered caustic and poisonous chemicals over the surrounding area. With no clean-up options available, the city was left with no choice but to evacuate the area and wall it off to prevent people from entering the contaminated zone. As time passed, the dangerous chemicals once prevalent throughout the area have degraded, or been washed away by rain. Today, one man has entered this forbidden district, his intentions unknown, but undoubtedly bad.

35399520344_0c8458713c_c.jpgCampaign 3

Once the general heading of this unknown agent was determined, several squads of JNTF (Joint National Task Force) soldiers were ordered to find and capture this agent, dead or alive. Preferably alive, but dead if there was no other option...

The squads broke into two-man groups, all in radio contact. They were dispersed across the south side of the abandoned district, hoping to find and capture this agent within their net.

"This is Alpha 1 Command. Bravo Unit, comms check."

Toohati Cpl. Keone: "Gandalf, check."

Briolui Sgt. Brian McGuire: "Artist, check."

A1C: "The target has been designated Crow. Last seen at 21:38 hours heading west, approx. a half-klick northwest from your current position. The spooks say the only intel about a possible destination is a reference to an Eye. They have no clue what that may mean, so focus on finding Crow. Alpha Command wishes you boys good hunting."

Gandalf: "Roger that Alpha Command. Artist, I'll take point for now. I used to live in this area, many years ago..."

Artist: I got the six. Any place good for an overwatch?"

Gandalf: "Not far from here. There was a building near an old bar that may work, if it is still standing. My father used to go there on the weekends.. It was called... "

Artist: "Called what? Is the overwatch near the Crow's reported position?"

Gandalf: "It is a ways beyond it. Probably another quarter mile. The bar was called 'the Devil's... The Devil's Eye! Alpha Command, can you locate the Devil's Eye?"

A1C: "...Command has a location. 86% match. Follow your current heading for another 400 yards, then turn left. About 500 yards down, on the park corner, is the possible Devil's Eye Bar."

Gandalf: "I copy. Lets go, we need to get there before the Crow."

Moving silently through the darkness, the soldiers slowly and methodically covered the distance to their destination. Reaching the location, Artist quickly scaled the building, positioning himself o the damaged balcony.

Artist: "Gandalf, I am in position. I have a good view of... hold on... possibly our target approaching. He is coming east. He must have gone too far in his search for this place..."

Gandalf: "I am in the alley. Update in 10."

35428424533_a1c19b877b_c.jpgCampaign 3

Artist: "Took a scope pic. Waiting for facial recog from Command, but it looks like a possible hit. Potential weapons in a briefcase."

A1C: "Spooks are running a trace on him... Found a match in the Refnor hospital records. Apparently, he received a concussion in a recent car accident. He should not be here. Bring him in."

Gandalf: "Understood. Artist, shoot to wound. We need him alive."

Warily, but in a determined manner, the man approached. He watched the darkness around him closely, but did not see the sniper above him, nor the soldier in the shadows of the alleyway.

36192742036_8e453139b1_c.jpgCampaign 3

Artist: "He should be visible to you in 3 seconds... Looks like he is heading for the park, not the Devil's Eye."

Gandalf: "I see him. Watch him. If he heads toward a different objective, we need to capture him there."

Artist: I have a clear shot. He is picking up something in the bushes..."

36192711216_c9f82f1e16_c.jpgCampaign 3

Gandalf: "It's a cylinder of some sort. Dead drop, or I buy y'all drinks."

Artist: "I won't take that bet. What is he...?"

36100239631_b4ea43c08b_c.jpgCampaign 3

With an echoing crash, the Crow shattered a bottle on the ground. From the shards, he picked out two items: a key and a scrap of paper.

35842181450_5a850c9650_c.jpgCampaign 3

Crow turned and looked at the building across the street. There was the sign he had been told to look for. He cursed himself for losing his way in the dark. Now he was behind his schedule by several hours...

35399574034_08d8d9b327_c.jpgCampaign 3

Gandalf: "This is the place. I am gonna take him now."

Artist: "Understood. Try to leave me a clear shot in case the stuff hits the fan!"

Rising from a crouch, Gandalf swore silently as his knee creaked loudly... Maybe he really was getting too old for this job.

35428277753_c9d812b04f_c.jpgCampaign 3

The sharp popping noise of protest from his knee alerted the Crow to his presence. He dropped the key, and drew a mini-Uzi from his briefcase. A stream of bullets whistled around Gandalf, three hitting his chestplate, but none striking flesh.

35428264653_1dcce75b04_c.jpgCampaign 3

Gandalf: "Nngh!"

Artist: "Firing! Are you hit?!"

36233406885_a3787faa23_c.jpgCampaign 3

With a boom like thunder, flames shot from the rifle, propelling a pointed piece of metal at over 4000 miles per hour... Blowing a chunk out of the Crow's right calf and knocking him to the ground.

35841994030_2682653f64_c.jpgCampaign 3

Gandalf: "I'm good! I'll get that son of gun!"

After a quick struggle, the Crow was bound. His wound was roughly dressed, and Gandalf and Artist began escorting him back to the Mobile Command Center.

36192548046_738fc67e4d_c.jpgCampaign 3

Gandalf: "Alpha Command, we have Crow in custody. Send the techies to check out the Devil's Eye. It was definitely his destination."

Artist: "It is now officially a record: the new shortest time to locate and capture a person is 43 minutes from last known sighting to capture. That deserves a round of beers!"

A1C: "Good work boys. Haul his butt in here, and we'll ship him somewhere... Less pleasant. We need information..."


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To be continued...


To the judges: This build is on an old 32x32 T-junction baseplate to qualify for this Campaign. I can provide a photo if necessary.

Please give C&C, hope you like the build!

 - Leonardo da Bricki


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Very interesting story of the spy. Maybe a rescue mission can be prepared for CP4. I like the architectural details.

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1 minute ago, sigpro said:

Very interesting story of the spy. Maybe a rescue mission can be prepared for CP4. I like the architectural details.

Thanks! I worked hard on this storyline, and making the damaged buildings was fun.

CoAC can make an attempt at a rescue... But it will fail! :tongue:

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I like the scene. I like the buildings. I like the light in the photos. 

14 hours ago, sigpro said:

Maybe a rescue mission can be prepared for CP4.  

We had also the Refnor commandos who are in a prison somewhere in Briolui. Our troops need more training ... 

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14 hours ago, paintballman said:

I like the scene. I like the buildings. I like the light in the photos. 

We had also the Refnor commandos who are in a prison somewhere in Briolui. Our troops need more training ... 

Thank you!

Yes, they obviously do! Commandos captured?! Shameful... :tongue:

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You’ve been awarded (7) points.

Judges’ comments…

Great detailing where you have things built. Nice job with the story too. The tower defense is very well done.

I really enjoy the look of how rundown this area of town has become. The overgrown plant life, the decrepid buildings...it draws me in and I want to look at all of those little details. I think the brick wall backdrop pulled away from your build a lil bit. Consider using a solid color background for next time. The pics outside looked good, but be careful of the shadows that can be cast. Some of your photos appear darker than others, not quite sure what went on with your lighting but beware.

This certainly was a unique story that was a true pleasure to read. The area certainly looks destroyed and overgrown with some great details, such as the custom lamp and HVAC unit on the smaller building. You really did a great job making the entire area look dilapidated and overgrown. I would like to see you use something other than the standard T intersection for the build. A custom plaza, park, or even a T intersection that was brick built to allow the road to look just as destroyed as your surrounding would be nice. Also, the campaign rules call for RON nations to depict your side defending an assault. As much as I loved the story, a single spy doesn’t really qualify as an assault in my mind.

Thanks for playing!

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