REVIEW: LEGO Star Wars Final Duel II (2002)! Set 7201

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A quick review of the 2002 LEGO Star Wars set "Final Duel II" (# 7201). This model features three minifigures: Luke Skywalker, an Imperial Officer, and a stormtrooper.



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I picked up a bunch of these when they were clearanced for about 70 or 80 cents (!); I should have a total of 24 copies, more than I have of any other set (aside from some of the blind-bagged Minifigures). About half of them are still unopened. I've been waiting for that perfect moment to open the remaining ones all at once in a big 7201 building session, but given how the minifigures have been updated since 2002, I've been toying with selling them and using the proceeds to acquire current sets. However, these have value to me now not just for the stormtroopers, but for the two plates in old dark grey - that entire color is no longer being made, after all, and I can always use old dark grey plates. Decisions, decisions...

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