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Lazarev N.

[MOC] Titanfall: BROCK

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WarGear Technologies represents. Meet BROCK.

You feel the tension? Feel hair stood on end at the back? It's Brock! He is able to kick your megablocks in melee and get in any shelter. 
Railgun has massive damage at any distance, and allows to penetrate several layers of walls and armor. A large supply of available shells compensate for the low rate of fire. Pulse turrets are deadly for pilots outside of titan and very effective against the shields of the enemy. Thanks to the reinforced fists KO punch will come as a shock an enemy titan for a while overloading all the power system. Arm shield can help protect you in any direction, without reducing mobility. The titan core creates the shock of the explosion, incapacitating all equipment and electronics in the average radius, and destroying enemy manpower and enemy vehicles with a low level of energy.

Primary Weapon: Railgun
Ordnance: Pulse Turret
Tactical Ability: KO Punch
Defensive Ability: Arm Shield
Core Ability: Shock Blast


WGT Brock EL-5111



Take THIS train!


Love the titans... <3


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2 hours ago, samurai-turtle said:

I am wondering why he is angry at that train? :look: 

Because his weapon is a Railgun.

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