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Building Car Butts (And other tips)

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I thought this might be useful for new builders out there.


Car Butts by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr

This is a look at how I built the rears on these 8-wide cars.

To start, I messed around until I got a versatile template that let me build in all directions.

It was simple in the end, the black [Brackets] attach to the [1x1 Brick with side stud], which rests on the Speed Champions [Mudguard]. The two grey [Modified plate with side studs] let me add tiles or whatever to smooth the trunk lid area.

After adding a plate to the [brackets], facing the sides of the car, the length from plate-to-plate is 7 studs wide, so you can use [jumper plates] to neatly fill the space and create interesting designs. Everything can be as flush or as staggered as you want. For example, the plates going towards the sides of the car can be flush with the body, or you can add [slopes] to add a$$- I mean, to add mass. lol

I'm sure another SNOT brick or plate can be added to build upsidedown too (maybe to add greeble to the undercarriage?), I haven't needed to yet though.

This could possibly also work for the car's nose, though I tend to use one-off builds there because I like leaving space for an engine.

There you go, hope it helps.

Feel free to share your techniques for building cars! Maybe we can make this some kind of encyclopedia for making kickass cars.

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