Öncam & Egzoz Inc.

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Öncam & Egzoz Inc.
chauffeur services
mineral oils & lubricants

Team Öncam & Egzoz by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Öncams are ottoman immigrants in second and third generation ... Well ... emm, they are Germans! As the ancestors of the Candagios the Öncams migrate in the early 50th to Cross-Axleton for working at LMW motorworks. After work and on weekends they not only do a second job as taxi-drivers but breed many more little ottomans. (in the 50th there was no Turkish satellite TV available...) 15 years ago the old father Öncam realized that his children and grandchildren will never go "home" to turkey because they are all Germans. They only spent their holidays in Turkey.However. After the old Josef Fuhmacher retired, Öncams took over the fuel station and the taxi central in Snottingen.

Öncam & Egzoz oHG by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Taxi Central by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

A few years ago Akin added a Limousine-Service and today they are big in business driving VIPs to the airport or "Palixa and the Bricks" to concerts of the Band.

Fuelstation by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Akin has refurbished the old gas station next to the taxi central in a lovingly manner. He turned eBay upside down for snatching historic Octan Sings, oil cabinets and fuel pumps. His personal highlight is the old cash register.

Octan-Figure by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Today is big reopening of the fuel station. In last second Erwin Pumpöler delivers fresh fuel into the underground tanks. Hakan Güler, chief mechanican at Önvam&Egzoz Inc., blow up the giant Octan figure this morning and is now helping Erwin at filling the tanks. In the afternoon the Octan Racong Team will visit the fuel station with the huge 4x4 Offraoder. Hakan is big fan of the team an wears already  the Octan-Racing-Shirt for welcome the racing team.

Filling up the Underground tanks by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Meanwhile the first customer refueld his car an pay for the gas. Handan Egzos-Öncam today operates the cash desk. Normally she manages the taxi central but today the temporary staff does her job.

Cash Desk by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Rriiiiiiinngggg! Taxi for Schrippenkneter, Bricksuferstraße, to train station please!

Taxi Central by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.

Now the moment of Adem Özwurst comes up! The talented taxi driver and Elvis fan knows all shortenings and radar traps in Snottingen. Every time you have a discussion with him the talk ends at "Elvis" and "driving Memphis". So let's keep fingers crossed that this order really goes to the train station...

Adem Ützwurst by Filius Rucilo on Flickr.


  • Akin Öncam (The Boss)
  • Berkant Öncam (Son of Akin, today in the Kindergarden )
  • Josef Fuhrmacher (retired )
  • Handan Egzoz-Öncam (Wife of Akin, Manager of Taxi-Zentrale)
  • Erhan Egzoz  (Limo Driver)
  • Adem Özwurst (Taxi Driver, driving Memphis...)
  • Hakan Güler( Chief Mechanican )
  • Erwin Pumpöler ( Octan-Truck Driver )
  • customers and passerby


First documents of the Fuelstation dated in October 2015. I finalized the MOC on LDD in November 2016 and bought the parts form January to April 2017. The final build up was done in end of April 2017.
The MOC consists of 5.800 parts plus street elements and vehicles we have overall 7.700 parts. The taxi cars and the Limo are rebricks of 60050 (Taxi) and 60102 (Limo). Some elements of the Octan-Figure are not available in the desired color, so i've took grey ones.

Find more pictures on Flickr.
More storys about Snottingen at (Only german)

And now something totally different: I apologize for my terrible english. :-)

Edited by FiliusRucilo

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Now this is really cool looking, I dig the gas station and wow, a really big Maxi-fig too !

Brick On 'FiliusRucilo' ! 

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These are great builds!! I especially like the taxi office - the combination of exposed brick texture and smooth walls really looks good (as does the architectural detail on the roof!!) The giant Octan figure looks great too - and I love the way you've got a detailed back story for the family!!

Excellent stuff!!

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This is smashing. Great scene you created.
The house is brilliant, and I love all the details in the scene.
Keep clicking those bricks together!

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The shapes of the buildings look really nice, with the rounded ends and deep roof on the garage. The giant figure is a novelty, and you've built it marvelously. Well done all round.

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