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Altough i'm not here to post my moc today, i'm asking any of you for a possible link to a tutorial to see of i can turn that back castle thingy at the end of the silent mary set into an accesible space without many bricks or without ruining the design too much.

I've gotten the set and tought something was missing. The living quarters of course. Seeing as tough the hull was completely exploded, i tought i could make a cabin for captain salazar. Only problem is: i don't know how i can mod it. That's actually the only reason i'm on this site righ now. I've searched the internet but there's no tutorial for how to make it an accesible space. 

(Yes this is my first post and i don't know how i need to form a good comment yet) (please don't ban me for this admins)

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Typo driving me nuts.

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Which set are you talking about?

In my own designs, all of which have accessible captain's cabins, I put two layers of plates together for the upper deck/roof, making the two layers perpendicular so as to add strength, and then tiled the walls supporting the deck except for four studs, which hold the deck in place, but also allow for easy removal.

Like so:

The tan parts are the plates that make the deck.  I'll make them all the same color, I just used two colors here to demonstrate the different directions they face, which hold the whole thing together.

The black parts are the supporting walls.  Presumably yours will be taller than this, but this is one of the better ways to build a ship with a removable deck that also holds the deck in place (for the most part).

I'll sometimes have the lower plate level be one stud smaller in each direction so that it fits inside of the walls, which can help when reinstalling the deck, but what's shown here should be sufficient.

Sorry, I noticed the ship name is in the topic title.

I have no experience with that set, I won't be able to help you.

If you ever make your own ship, though, keep what I put above in mind :-)

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