"Sunset Streak" electric passenger train - 4560 / 4561 / 4511 MOD

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This fast electric locomotive and it's train was inspired by sets 4511 (2003's "High Speed Train") and sets 4561 / 4560 (1999's Railway Express), and has been dubbed the "Sunset Streak".


The orange stripe on the train can be replaced with green, blue, red, black or yellow, while the white can be replaced with black, if you so desired.


This model features two locomotives, each with either red or clear lights for either rear or head end duties. This print here is for the two windscreens (they aren't printable in LDD), while the train's number tiles (12 on one cab car and 16 on the other, for example) printed 1 x 1 tiles are not there and are missing from the file. Four of this print go on each power car, (on the left and right sides) like this: <- -> This is supposed to make the classic Lego train logo in tiles, which sadly has never been available in printed form at all.


Each locomotive has an abundance of control tiles and two pantographs per cab car for power pickup from imaginary wires.


Also on the train is four passenger cars with no interior and four half-stud recessed doorways per car. However, as it is LEGO after all, you could easily modify the cars to have removable tops, inside seats, and even and opening doors (Emerald Night style).

The LDD file is available for download here. Comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome!

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On 7/26/2017 at 2:46 AM, wolfmanone73 said:

Another great design, keep up the good work.

Thank you very much! I was thinking about building this in black with a white stripe and trans-blue windows.... will have to see though if it gets built anytime soon. Maybe I'll call it the "Domino Express", due to it's black / white color scheme.

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I tried your design with those colours, it does look good. Have you thought about using jacobs bogies to connect the carriages instead.

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