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Hey guys, I'm making a fantasy moc of an evil lords tower. I need help texturing the walls because I don't wanna repeat the same thing the whole way up the tower (it will be 68cm tall) and I don't wanna use techniques from the LOTR set "Orthanc" because I have that one and I'll be displaying them on the same shelf. I'm using black for pretty much the whole thing. Does anyone have any advice? Please?

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You might find some ideas/inspiration from this set:


Ignoring the purple (since your focus is black only), the black horns and balconies are prevalent throughout, but in enough varied forms that there are a lot of ways to adapt it for your needs.

Beyond that, I would suggest browsing EB's Historical forum and looking at MOCs, both in the main thread and in Historica. You'll find lots of different styles of avoiding the plain wall syndrome from castle builders there.

Good luck!

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