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Gunslinger is a film about 4 bandits in search of the notorious man they call Gunslinger.  Arriving in the deserted town of Legoredo the bandits start searching from building to building in search of him. This is a film that took a few weeks to make, I've also been learning a lot more with getting better lighting, better shots, and good camera angles. This film I did a lot of zoom in and outs as usings different aperture settings to blur out the background more, as well as using my new camera dolly slider. This film was a lot of fun to make and i hope everyone has as much fun watching as i did making it! This is part 1 of a part 2, the second part which will be titled American Gold is starting production in a few weeks! Let me know what you guys think :-)

- Matt-


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That's really cool!! I especially like the mine cart/ bloody pick axe scene and of course the final shoot out!!

Looking forward to part 2!!

Nice work!!

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